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2019 Builds

Itís nearly November. Iíve been mulling over my paintball options lately and it feels like Iíve been hemorrhaging money on markers I wonít use. Iíve got a few odds and ends to button up on my collection in the next two months and I have a build idea for 2k19.

I donít imagine it will be done quickly, but I donít want it to be. I want to find deals. Iíll keep it secret for now, but was wondering:

What will your one build be for 2019!? Any plans yet?

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I have a few builds that I've accumulated parts for.

-95 cocker, mostly stock. Going to see how good I can make it without changing things
-MQ valved something, not sure if I'll do an Angel framed pump, or if I'll do a UL framed machine gun
-hinge framed autococker, I have an LPR and a ram so far haha

More than anything I need to wrap up the builds that I'm halfway through finishing; 2 e-bolt projects (one just needs wiring, the other is the build thread gun), a dropout PGP, and my 2nd revision for my Model 98 Pump.

Not to mention the crappy headless guitar I'm refinishing...

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Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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ooh look at that over there!!! Jeremy Salm riding a giant rainbow-coloured unicorn!!
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Hopefully I'll finish my round body ball detent S5. Just sold my retro shocktech so all my focus can be on the S5. Just need to figure out what I want to do with it: Low pressure, dual pump arms, 11/16 valve, balance valve.....
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I'm putting together a GS Flame B2K. I've already acquired a donor B2K and have it shooting but I'd like to do a custom build with some nice aftermarket parts and custom anno.

I am finding that some of the parts are close to unobtanium. Zenitram or OTB stuff specifically. Good thing is it seems PPS and possibly AKA still sell LPR's and I already have a vert ASA adapter so any aftermarket reg is possible.

I also picked up a Classic Typhoon that will need a rebuild at some point. Debating trying my hand at that or sending it to PPS or Firpo.
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I've done a decent job of paring down my collection, but I have a few things on the back burner for winter projects:

- Mayhem project. Bought this gun from CL and have never been able to figure out the perfect fitting poppet o-ring. Would love to have it running before next spring.

-Mech cocker. I rescued a Dark Cocker from CL that is all kinds of jacked up, but could make for a fun build. I'm skeptical on this one as I lose patience with mechs quickly. Keep an eye on the BST

-Sterling. I have a nice old Proline that I'd like to do a little custom work on, detent and such. This one works fine as is so it's pretty low priority.

I'd kind of like to try a new project since I've built plenty of cocker based guns, but I don't have a lot of disposable income at the moment so we'll have to see.
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Originally Posted by Millar156 View Post
I am finding that some of the parts are close to unobtanium. Zenitram or OTB stuff specifically.
You could probably rip the parts off of this?
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I apologize for the image size. Smartphones can do a lot, but are limited in photo editing

Anno and tuning are all thats left. The frame needs a little attention. Its a little too spongy right now.
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Hopefully all my builds...
Sierra One smooth/quiet/tactical build
Hammer 7 First strike/roundball swappable gun
Rocket launcher
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I am planning an Automag long rifle - essentially the semi-auto counterpart to my Sheridan KP-3. Have been sketching out stock ideas for a while now, and trying to figure out if I am going to stick within the confines of using a basic carbon fiber grip as the basis for what I am doing, or if I am going to try to go completely custom.

Ergonomics is a bigger deal for me now, compared to what it used to be. Twenty-five years jockeying a keyboard has really ramped up the speed at which the arthritis in my hands is progressing. I already really can't play my guitars anymore (not like I could play them that well, in the first place) and a lot of fine detail work that I would do with my woodworking projects is mostly skipped over now, instead.
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Finally reassemble and rebuild the one arm of this bad boy I've had in a box since like 2009:
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