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Originally Posted by Corsairs View Post
Hey guys I am on FB I currently make and sell FSR tubes and speed loaders for us. They have been out for a few months now....I sell kits 1 loader and 10 tubes range from $48 to $53 shipped CONUS no paypal fees....I dont make much of these.

I have been working on this project for 8 years off and on and its been up and down....

MCB is a pain for me to insert images cant just click click.......

Find me here

Originally Posted by Corsairs View Post
If you know how to search here on MCB I did do a post with images in the sell area.
Would you have the ability to make longer 10-rd tubes as discussed in the original post in this thread?
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Jonny when I finalized the idea of these I came to the conclusion 6rnd and 10 round tubes.
There are a lot of guys using my tubes in the field speed loading their magazines during play. 10 rounds is very long as is!!! 15-20 round tube is really long. the amount of money for molds and material to do a 20 round tube I just wouldn't be able to.

In addition my 10 round tubes are not really flying off the shelf....So I just dont really see a high demand for a 15-20 round tube.
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20 round tubes would instantly load a helix, tmc, milsig, or t15.

You marketed them to magfed first strike users. I assume we expected EXTENDED tubes as the title suggests. Your version is for a completely different purpose: first strikes, which may have killed your original audience.

or maybe everyone loves first strikes and wanted them as the original idea but I dont think thats what the original crowd wanted

That being said, if you call yourself out on a bounce shot (knowing it was skill that hit you and "luck" that saved you) , you may qualify for sainthood
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Get some mesh tape like hockey stick tape, get some two part epoxy, cut the round bottom of a tube off and wrap a layer of the hockey tape around two tubes with maybe an inch or so wide of tape on both sides of the seem to hold them together then add some epoxy followed by another wrap layer of tape and keep repeating till you have a few layers on there. The epoxy will seep into the mesh tape and make a hard cast structure, this is how I modified my SC feed on my phantom to kink over my AR stock and its held together for years now with lots of abuse. Easy, cheap, repeatable, still have the regular tube end so the caps will still work, it will still stab in the spring feed the same and the bare section of tube should fit your holders without stretching them out any extra heck the fatter cast part might even help keep them from slipping through old loose harness elastics.

Corsairs comments of the overall length are making me think of the old SO Long Bow feeds and the leg length pouches for carrying spare feed tubes, maybe an arrow quiver would be more suiting for carrying such long oversized tubes. lol I can see it already guys reaching into a quiver like some kind of robin hood or using long tubes to tag people out.
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Tubes by "Spinal Tap".

You see most tubes go to 10, these tubes go to 11. They're 1 longer.
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I still have some HDPE scraps of tubing I scavenged off of a defunct laundry hamper. It is white, but very close to paint tube dimensions, and I've used it for stick feeds. It is pretty tough. I haven't seen it other places yet. The right tube diameter is out there. I would think the easy (cheap) route would be finding the right tubing and printing the cap and bottom plug (or maybe use existing caps).
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