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I only own 1 marker, of any particular setup.
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I did this for quite a while, I fit everything I need to play in an old laptop bag w/exception of my goggles that I had in a separate goggle case that hung from the laptop bag. At the time I was playing exclusively hopper ball unless I was going to a scenario. Then I would just drag along a 4 pod (100rd) pack on a belt again strapped to the laptop bag.

Bag included:
  • Marker #1 - Pyre
  • Marker #2 - 2K Blazer
  • Hopper #1 - Whaler
  • Hopper #2 - 9VDC ViewLoader
  • 2 - 45/45 HPA tanks
  • Barrel Bag - 3 barrels; 2-14" Brass Barrels both 0.685 w/wedgits one single vented one dual vented and the non-vented and matching aluminum sleeved 14" barrel for the Blazer (really never use this one just carry it around to make my bag heavier )
  • Small Spray bottle of 50/50 water/alcohol
  • Flat Plano tackle box with just tools for my 2 markers, some spare parts and air tool oil
  • couple pairs of gloves
  • couple headbands/headcover
  • couple squeegies
  • spare pod for reloading hoppers
  • 3-4 barrel bags/condoms...etc (always losing one)

Goggle bag
  • E-Flex Mask - 1
  • Spare lenses - 2
  • bunch of micro fiber cloths

Now I bring enough to supply gear for 4 people (only way I can get co-workers to go).

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I don't believe in minimalism when it comes to paintball. I mostly play stock class, but I bring everything a semi player may need because there is always someone out there who needs something and I like to make sure everyone has everything they need to have a good time.

Need pods? I got you. Giant air tanks? Yep. More paintball for everybody!
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I used to be that guy who brought all his extra gear and supplies, "just in case." I quit that **** a few years ago and haul a duffel bag with my gun (and extra orings), tank, two 30 round pods, paint caddy and the clothes I'll be wearing before and after the day is over.

It's nice only having to make one trip to and from the car at the end of the day.
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Once soon a time. I’d load up a VSC phantom with wrist harness and a few 10rnd tubes OR my Pro/Carbine with A 9oz Co2 tank and a REVY. With a mask basic set of Allen keys all into a basic back pack then hop on my motorcycle and head to the field.

My goal is to get back to that minus the Co2 lol.

I got tired of lugging 5 guns and parts kits for all, three or four HPA tanks and enuff tooling to rebuild an engine. Along with the many hoppers towels masks packs and pods. To say “just in case” got out of hand was an understatement.

I think going forward. It will be one marker one tank and one hopper a two 100rnd pod pouch and one mask. And a basic Allen wrench set along with the parts kit for that marker. Should all fit into a bag small enuff to strap onto one of the bikes and go play again.
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I've managed to break my gear down into a toolbag, a small duffel that has a couple masks, tanks and my playing clothes and 3 standard size gun bags-the milsim bag (DSG, A-5, TipX and space for a future magfed), the pump bag (DSG, K-Frame PMI-1, space for an incoming Phantom) and the space dildo bag (PM8, 2 Ions for loaner purposes).

Much more practical setup.
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