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Yes, minimalism; the silliest topic I could think to discuss among a number of paintball addicts, but there you go.

Inspired by BigTuana' s recent 3-gun collection streamline and some phantom user that said he basically takes his marker and a small cooler (for paint?), I'm curious if others have thoughts or insight into practical minimalistic suggestions.

I take way too much gear to the field, and would love to be able to boil a day of paintball down to one backpack (so I could bus or hitchhike to the field).

Currently, I can't seem to leave without filling the trunk with stuff. I'd rather shift gears and play more frequently with less gear to pack.

Pretty pictures please.
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I've always carried a whole bunch of extra crap, because I tinker... there's always something that needs tested for function. I need the right tools to fix the things I have made worse. I need a marker that I know will work. I need the marker that I know I want to play with.

I need to probably to consolidate and prioritize my gear bag...
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I like running at least 2-3 different guns each time I play, plus I like backups if something starts acting dumb. I usually bring 3-4 guns in my rolling duffle bag along with my gear. I usually just carry my chest rig and snack bag/water in the other hand. Not minimalist, but not too much to cart around and pack either.
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I'm working on getting to a somewhat minimalistic setup. I basically have everything I need packed into one gearbag, excluding paint and a water jug. That's usually 2 of everything; 2 guns, 2 masks, 2 hoppers, etc. The trick is, of course, getting gear that you don't have to fiddle with much.

I'm working on only having 4 guns total in my collection, each with a specific purpose; 1 electro, one mech, one pump (which can convert from open class to stock class at will), and a wall hanger. I didn't really intend on getting a wall hanger, but when something like a Avratech Falcon comes up, there's no resisting.

The biggest hurdle I need to overcome is liquidating all the random crap I have lying around. I need to finish builds, sell of piles of parts, and so forth. The goal is there, and I've made progress towards that end, but there's still a long way to go. The problem is that stuff comes up for sale and I have low willpower haha.

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A mask, and a pack with 3 50rd pods.

My usual fault is that I try to pack for multiple play-styles. It wouldn't be so bad if I packed 3 speedball markers (1 tank, 1 hopper, 1 pack, 1 mask, 3 markers). But some days I want multiple diverse setups and then we're talking multiple markers, parts for the less reliable markers, extra large/small/powered hoppers, 3k/4.5k tanks, 12ies and 10rd tubes, 50/140rd pods, novelty masks, Hawaiian and camo jerseys, rubber frying pans...
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I am a total anti-minimalist. I roll out with 5-7 guns every time I go play. Usually only 3 of them are to actually use. The rest are to mess around with and use for conversation starters in the staging area.

Not to mention backup loaders, tanks, and masks.
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I got a Plano Diabolik case in a lot a couple years back and it's one of my favorite gear pickups. I can fit most any marker in it with several barrels, mask, small tank, swabs/rags, and enough tools and parts for walk on play issues. Even if I'm using my TMC for magfed I just carry my belt with mags in it separate, still one trip from the car.

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Normally its 2-3 large duffel bags/plastic totes of gear that follow me to the field because...(insert horder reasoning here). I once packed my sydarm, a gauntlet with 5 tubes, 13 ci tank into my cinch up goggle bag with the goggles and planned on playing in the jeans and tee shirt i was wearing. I never made it to the field that day so I may never know of the sweet minimalist game play you speak of....
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Iím completely happy with one mech and one pump. I still like to window shop and buy & try little parts, barrels, whatever here and there. But I donít like having unused stuff around.
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I did an ultra minimalist setup one time, it can't be beat but only matched.
I brought absolutely nothing and rented
Was out of town and had an itch, so i scratched it. Was a damn good day, I highly suggest it not only as a challenge but just because.

Normally, the trunk of my car is stuffed full of gear for just me. My wife makes fun of me as she grabs her one marker, hopper, tank and mask. She doesn't even use a pod pack half the time. I may only use one of the 5 or so setups I bring but the rest is there just in case

Trying to work my inventory back down to manageable levels again. I still have a couple of markers that are up on the chopping block that just sit around or I don't enjoy the play style as much.
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