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HBD Walz!

I'd go Brass, so I can use some newly acquired adapters to make a sweet, sweet rifle...
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Happy Birthday Walz!

I'd prefer the classic brass. I've never used one in a game before and it would be fun to plink at my local rec players with a gun that's twice as old as most of them! (Or in other words, a gun that's the same age as me)
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I’d go with the brass because it just looks fun and I’ve never tried one.

And Happy Birthday!!!

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Happy birthday!

I would go with the sniper. I'm looking for either a mech cocker or a sniper to convert to semi to give to my best friend. He has electros and a couple pumps, but no mech. A well-tuned cocker would fit that bill nicely.
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I would choose brass ... love the feel of wood in my hand...
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Sniper. Because I already have a pile of PGPs
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I would choose that specific brass because the Pirahna SB was the gun that I fell in love with (via magazines) when I discovered PB in 1989.... and after all my collecting I've still never acquired one.
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As much as I love the look and nostalgia of brass, at this point in my playing life I gotta go with function. I can play with and loan out a Sniper and it's just so much more playable! Thanks and happy birthday Walz!
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Classic brass for me please. Why you ask?
Because, I've never owned or used a PMI Piranha SB and that looks to be a fine specimen.
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First off, happy birthday walz! (I know I'm a little late)

Sniper pump, everyone on my team has a pump and we often have at least 1 newer player coming with us to play, we have plenty of semi-autos to set them up but we often play at least 1 pump game and often get questions of why we choose to play pump. It would be awesome to just hands them a pump to play with us

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