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Pump cult.

Well I joined it. Converted my cocker to a pump. I went to play with it the first time today and had a blast. Normally I stick to mech semi, but it was even more fun with the pump today.

I was a bit hesitant at first because the field I usually go to is almost exclusively rentals or speedballers. There is almost no in between. I ended up getting lumped with all the speedballers because I know most of them. I was actually surprised at how I was able to hold my own pretty well. Definitely need to work on my aggression level and be more cool headed. That was usually what would get me out is I would try to face people down like I normally do and the firepower just wasnt there. I started to be smarter towards the end of the day though as I definitely surprised a few guys when I popped out on them. Next on my list is a stock class setup.
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You’re on the right path brother! Keep with it and have fun!
Originally Posted by Nyxd View Post
...just following the natural paintball life cycle. Young with no money and drooling over all the nice toys ---> Old with toy money and no time to play.

Feedback thread:
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I kid. I still play mech semi too. Though more often then not with a spring feed these days. But you’ll become so much better of a player. And if you don’t feel outgunned already then you have the right mindset. Don’t go head to head until you know you have the shot. Shoot and scoot. And learn to snapshoot with the best of em.

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Welcome aboard
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Originally Posted by Macdave06 View Post
I think for most here, I'd use the term "collect" loosely. It's more like hoarding.
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Thanks guys, definitely got to work on snap shooting. Atleast snapping and being right on target when I do, that was definitely another thing I noticed, i almost felt like an idiot when trying to snap out and being off target.
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I play stock class phantom at my field. Today, one of the refs said I would have done better if I had my emek. How dare he. It's a different game playing pump against rentals and speed ballers. But it all comes down to, laughing at the end of the game, while these kids shooting 10bps get upset because of some random reason why they did "x" wrong. I've said it before, playing pump in midland/odessa area, I'll pay for entry, cause I know its going to be a good day.
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Oh yeah! Welcome to the club! Best cult ever!
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The most satisfying eliminations are when you gog a speedballer with your pump.
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Welcome to the group.
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