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Originally Posted by mlzplayer111 View Post
No need to stroke your ego...
he says he is in the group of people who dont know how to use them...
Originally Posted by Julien View Post
When your a spoiled fat white kid, living in a first world country, "want" and "need" are the same thing

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Paintball Guns > Tuition
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they are great for turkey hunting.
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The only issue I have is that they don't feel/take bounces with them. I have faced off with a guy in a suit and fired a couple shots into hit, I don't overshoot. I pause... he then fires back at me. We are only a few metres apart. He wasn't going to go out because they bounced, although I got the complete drop on him. The only real hard part was his mask.... so at which point... kinda becomes a cheat.

I kinda feel the same way about wearing any clothing that you actively wear to encourage bounces though.
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I've heard many fields just count any hit as an elimination, bounce or not.
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Originally Posted by Scougar View Post
I kinda feel the same way about wearing any clothing that you actively wear to encourage bounces though.
They don't knowingly do it, since there mostly beginners, but I've had a tough time taking out chubby dudes wearing thick hoodies when using crap field paint! It's like shooting into a catcher's mitt.
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I would consider something like this:

I don't like the thought of a ghillie suit being hot and cumbersome. But something like a veil that could be used or stowed like this might be helpful. Especially since the other players may not even know you have it.
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Setting aside the specific use of a ghillie suit for paintball, anyone that tells you "color / camoflauge doesn't matter" doesn't know what they're talking about.

Animals, people included, have been hiding from one another, at close and far distances, since long before paintball existed. Animals *excluding* humans have in most cases specifically evolved to be hard to see at near and far distances. Anyone that has ever hunted can attest to this. I have personally almost stepped on jackrabbits and deer that were *still,* *silent,* and *camoflauged*. Humans have done it exceptionally well as part of warfare. It would be prudent to study what they do and to follow suit.

1. Color does matter. Of course it doesn't matter if you're playing in an area so thick you can't see a multi-colored children's playhouse. But color matters when cover is thinner or when a person knows generally where you are, but not precisely, whether trying to hide or in a shootout. It is harder to see exactly where a person behind a pallet bunker is if they are wearing brown instead of neon orange.

2. you don't need a ghillie suit to be camoflauged near or afar. Subdued browns, greens, tans, etc, based on your environment, will do the job. If used right - and you need to really think about the use cases - a ghillie suit could be a tool, I suppose. But you need to ask yourself what it is doing for you that something lighter / cooler isn't.

3. Movement and sound are as important as color. If you are using stealth during a paintball game it's probably because you are trying to flank or sneak unseen on someone from the other team that is already busy shooting at someone else. In that case your color truly is less important than movement because if seen the target will likely detect you with peripheral vision, which isn't as sensitive to color. If you're trying to sneak in on someone looking directly at you...well, that's dumb. US Army snipers do this but, as I recall, they get close enough for a rifle shot, not right up at the observer's feet.

Anyways, color isn't the only aspect, but to summarily dismiss it as unimportant in paintball is foolish. My $.02.
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I use a sniper veil, both as a neck wrap and as cover. The key here is to use cover effectively. What the veil does is remove the hard outline of being a human being with plastic on your head.

If you position correctly and don't move it is extremely effective. I've rested standing against a tree and completely surprised players walking around me.

Paintball isn't that hard to use camouflage effectively. We already have a handicap over our eyes and we are used to seeing specific outlines.

My team has a "sniper" that wears a full body ghillie. He vanishes. But he knows what he is doing.
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Well another thing besides ghillie suits, and sniper cover things are leaf suits, a more light version with effective camouflage

That being said, if you call yourself out on a bounce shot (knowing it was skill that hit you and "luck" that saved you) , you may qualify for sainthood
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I think ghillie suits can be really effective if they are used properly, and the playing style of the individual matches the benefit that the suit offers. And that's the problem. That almost never happens.

It seems like the ghillie suit guys rarely ever play in a way that uses the suit to it's potential. It's normally the ones that want to look cool, tell people they are a sniper, but still move around/run all the time and yell dumb stuff at inopportune times.

If you want to stay in one place and serve as an OP with your radio, lengthy woods recon, set up a good firing position and carefully pick targets with single shots, or do a long, methodical stalk towards an objective through the woods, then they work great. Basically they can be really useful for big games and scenarios with someone who knows what they are doing. For the average paintball player and game formats, not so much.
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