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thanx guys, just based on this simple query, i am planning my next full rig build! gun, tank, hopper, i like the OP's vest option, damnit! i am cash lite atm however lol, the wife is expecting, so, as the saying goes
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Originally Posted by fox3091 View Post
Out of curiosity, does anyone use a chest rig for Pods during woodsball or scenario play? What are the downsides, other than limited capacity?
yes it limits you.
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Originally Posted by View Post
... have about 6 different styles of vests and not one worked for me - except when playing mag fed. Mag fed = vest time.
Originally Posted by bosgarage57 View Post
What I've been doing in scenarios is I have a small camelback for hydration and it fits my radio. But then I have a Pod pack. And when it's loaded down with a lot of pods it flops when running. That's why I'd like to have an all in one vest.
Sums up my preferences. Vests are just too hot and too restrictive to wear comfortably unless I have to. The thing I use for magfed play isn't a vest so much as a chest rig with straps in the back. The less non-breathing nylon I'm covered with, the better.
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Iíd vouch for the Nxe Light Infantry vest if you can find one. They ainít made any longer and the Tippmann version of it are a donkey. Tippmann removed the bladder pouch and plastic reinforcement in the pod holders. Both features I consider a requirement.

BT Echo was a vest I was looking at for a long time. That could be another option for you if you prefer to carry more paint.
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For me, it depends. If it's early in the day or I relegate myself to guard duty or suppressing fire I will run a front-loading vest with 6 100rd. tubes. Also nice for protection if you don't feel like getting lit up too badly that day. If I need mobility or if it's hot as balls I wear my Redz 3+2 pack. I don't shoot a lot, so I only need 5 140rd. tubes, max. I usually run 3 tubes.

I keep both around to stay flexible. Yes, the front loader limits your movement, but if I don't feel like doing the whole reach-around it comes in handy.
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In the Army I worn my old LCE "H" harness as long as I could.

Finally was ordered to wear the LBV (vest) and it was waaaay too hot for me.

Can't imagine what it's like for the Joes's wearing armor over in the sandbox.
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Empire had a light duty setup that I was looking at. Basically a pack with suspenders essentially. It had a molle panel on the back you could use for hydration or whatever. The front was completely clean though.. so that really appealed to me. I havent seen it around for a while though.
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I use a Chinese Type 81 chest rig and a Camelbak for regular play. I will never go back to a normal pod pack again after using this combo.

For scenario final battles and games with a a ton of people, I also wear a Valken vest (whatever the six vertical pod version is). 13 pods of pain, and nothing flopping around on my waist to slow me down.

The chest rig is like ten bucks, and holds four normal 140rnd pods perfectly. It simply cant be beat.

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Originally Posted by Mike@NDS View Post

Can't imagine what it's like for the Joes's wearing armor over in the sandbox.

Free back spasms for life. Wish Iíd been wise enough to wear at least ammo on a belt and not overload my shoulders and spine.

I love the cummerbund paintball packs for exactly that reason. Though it is arguably more convenient to have pods accessible on your front and Iím sure there are folks with bad lower backs or hips or canít reach behind them very well.
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Originally Posted by bosgarage57 View Post
That sounds like the vest I'm looking at. Nothing on the front but 6+3 pods on the back with a bladder and Velcro for a tank pouch. I definitely don't want it to limit my mobility.
I'll ask him what it is and get back to you

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