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The dilemma of too many guns

So I have too many guns that I canít use ina given day and too many go down and suck the fun out of playing the last couple years. Problem is Iím having a really hard time deciding what to sell. Currently have 2 fairly nice cockers and want to sell one, but itís tough. I also have a procarbine, puma and viper m1 which I should sell at least two of but I like different things about each one. I like the unusualness and the design of the viper but I canít spot it to save my life cause of the car stock, like how the puma shoots and itís uniqueness but powerfeed is the bottom of the list for preferred feeds. Procarbine makes the most sense to keep as a reliable backup co2 marker but almost seems too basic. Also should I put a vert adapter on the carbine or sell it. My gen 1 enemy is quite nice but seems unnecessary once I get a mg 100 and have a reliable co2 gun like the procarbine around.

Anyone else have these problems. I know the typical mcb mindset is keep them all but it really has started to take the fun out of it. I donít play as much, I donít enjoy tinkering as much so reliability and simplicity have really come to the fore in recent years.

Other guns I have and plan to keep:
Old style sl-68II: backup loaner
Sterling stp
Custom pmi 1
One cocker
Mg100: once it comes out
Sovereign 2: like to play with it this year and then probably sell it
Good co2 semi like the procarbine

Guess I am looking to get down to 5-6 total.
My MCB feedback:

AM Sentinel and ION MAXD for sale

Misc Sale:

Parts: Left feed sterling body/whole gun spyder threads preferred.
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the oddballer
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game plan sell them all to me and ill take your sadness away
haha always worth a shot
but im semi in the same boat
ima sell of any of my non unique markers. jusr need to find the time

you could always keep all of them but a stupid reliable marker then you can have whatever you want to try and use for the day but also have a back up if shtf
Still a broke college student
The odder the better
My pb colllection is worth more than my car but you know life choices
Feed back
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Too many and wanting to sell? I am unable to understand what you are saying. I'm pretty sure the answer to how many markers does someone need is the same as the answer to how many motorcycles does someone need, one more.

Anyway, let me know if/when you want to sell the Sovereign 2.
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I've been working on whittling down my collection to 4 guns total; my electro (this has been the hardest to lock down, but i'm really happy with my CS1), a mech cocker (my original trilogy), a pump (Avratech R7, modular enough to fit any kind of pump play style and unique enough to not be a phantom), and a wall hanger (Avratech Falon). I wouldn't have a 4th if I didn't pick up the Falcon. I have 5 more guns that I need to finish up building, and then they'll hit the chopping block. Well, technically I'm keeping one until my Trilogy comes back from ano, but still.

So obviously, I agree with the premise. There's no point owning guns you don't use, and personally I've long enough to not feel a need for multiples of the same style of gun for "flavor." I like being slightly minimalist; I like being able to just grab my gearbag and roll out the door when I want to go play.

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
Originally Posted by Jack Wood View Post
ooh look at that over there!!! Jeremy Salm riding a giant rainbow-coloured unicorn!!
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Maybe you could try using a spectrum of guns. That's what I do: a spectrum of guns to pick from based on game type, environment, weather, number of players, and type of players.

Once I subscribed to the idea of a single (or few) marker that could be reconfigured to be used in multiple cases. The problem with that approach is that I dont get to play with my other markers, which is no fun.

Instead I decided to make each as unique and specific to their intended use as possible, even though in some cases with slight reconfiguration I could repurpose one marker for multiple uses.

My spectrum:

(More restrictive / smaller games / less experienced players)

- pgp
- AM sentinel pistol (12 g / cram n jam / short barrel)
- Diablo pump (4 oz / ammo box / drop)
- AM sentinel / 98 (woodsball) (4 oz / ammo box)
- rebel / prolite (woodsball) (9 oz and 100 rnd hopper)
- mini ego (13 ci / 100 rnd hopper / short barrel)
- ego (45/45 and force fed hopper)

(Less restrictive equipment / larger games / more experienced players)
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Me & my cousin have problems with buying/selling/regretting/buying/buying/selling/repeat. Between us is often a varied & reliable collection of markers that warrant fulfilled desire. But we're always looking for a change or addition.

I can finally say I've locked in my pump & electro choices after years of bouncing around:
CCM S6.5
Ion (seriously)

The mechs, however, trap me in this downward spiral. Currently:
MFG mod Minimag
Pre-PAL Emek
PAL Emek

I don't play enough to warrant half these guns. At least all of them have a reason to be in my collection. Except the MFG mod Minimag; I've never even played magfed before! That was somehow an impulse buy, despite being on a waiting list for it. I'll use it in a few games at least, then decide its fate. Also have an SP Impulse that my cousin gave me as a project because he thought it needed work. It didn't, just a cleaning & a couple orings. So I'm trying to flip it.

My cousin has 2:
Azodin KP3 (gift from him wife; he never plays pump);
Dye M2(?) or whatever it is.

Yet he's still looking for another high end electro. He's always looking.
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Mad Science of Paintball
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Welcome to my world.

I'm sure I have at least 50 to 60 semicomplete markers (either guns that are in need of repair, or literal boxes of parts in need of assembly) and at least 30 more ideas for largely-from-scratch project guns I'd like to build.

To say nothing of a couple dozen pie-in-the-sky inventions I'd like to pursue (that is, stuff I have no idea if it'll even work, until I do some experimenting and research- stuff like developing a workable grenade.)

But between customer work, production-part manufacturing, the daily webcomic, book publishing, machine tool building or repairs, shop upgrades, and the occasional personal project, I simply don't have time.

I've strongly considered, more than a few times, selling off all but a few personals- and point in fact, over the years I've sold off at least a hundred that I'd have preferred to keep and finish- but I still just enjoy building this stuff too much.

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My collection got up in the thirties at one point. Several of them were markers that, in hindsight, I would love to have today but not really because I am any more likely to use them now....I opted to "quit" paintball (again) and sold off everything. I stayed "quit" for a couple of years and then went and purchased a Geo 1 that was basically BNIB, A tank, and A hopper. It was perfectly fine for a couple of years until the reg seat went out and took the solenoid and internals with it. I repaired it but then the thought crept in my mind that I needed a backup.
Flash forward a couple of years and I now have six working markers on rotation, three in various states of disrepair, two tanks, three hoppers.....

Hoarding is a sickness.
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this thread is like when a guy who drinks twice a week comes to an AA meeting.

<10 markers = social drinking.
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here 4 the memes
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My marker hoarding collecting has a few causes, the biggest being I wasn't into paintball when I was younger and I like to try everything before settling on favorites. I am getting closer to what I like and how I like to play. I had just gone through and sold off all my non magfed blowbacks and now I'm tinkering with a Spyder build... that has multiplied to a pile a spyders. I'll pair them down, as well as the pumps I've picked up now that I have my forever Phantom and a stock class Traccer for loaning. I need to get my magfed markers put together and sold off so I can pick up an mg100 as well.

I just need a bigger house...
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