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Paintball Novelties?

Anyone ever use a paint grenade or one of those "landmines"/ trip wires effectively?
I've only had one paint grenade moment that actually worked lol, It was a for my 12th birthday party and I bounced a paint grenade in a bunker and got 4 of my friends out, (granted the ref was present to call them out).
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One year at West Point me and a few friends were working the front line laying in this dip in the terrain. The opisate team was on the other side raining paint over the top. Someone on the other side throws a Tippman paint grenade and it lands in the leaves right next to me and dose not go off. I look at the ref on the ridge grab it and throw it back. It hits a sapling about 3’-4’ off the ground and takes out a few players on the ridge Ref seen it all go down and called them all out. It was awesome and the only time I have ever used a paint grenade.

A teammate he’s a nutty Marine that shots a mag with Tommy gun furniture aka the “Tommy Mag” and rocks a Kilt. At ION he runs up lays down next to a bunker barrel rolls out next to a tank drops one of those explosive paint grenades under the tank and rolls back. Ended up taking the tank out in epic fashion. It was cool as hell to watch.

99.9% they are useless but that .1% of the time it all comes together the stars aline and it makes it all worth it.
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Had a buddy who made some tripwire mines with medical tubing filled with diluted paint, only issue was that it turned out this dark red, almost muddy color.

only ever used them in one or two small scenarios but when they were used they worked really well surprisingly
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I've never seen a mine used other than online. But I have seen a my share of failed grenade throws. Which is always kind of sad. It is usually a super pumped kid that thinks they can throw it way farther and more accurately than they can. On top of which they expect some big effect. Because they cost like $10 which is like 250 balls. And I think most of those kids think the $ correlate to effectiveness. I hear stuff about how they are going to get 4 guys. Then after the game I subsequently hear them saying it was a ripoff. Which isnt good for anyone. I think fields should strongly discourage them and instead recommend more paint. Still sell them if the person really wants em, but let them know the reality. Not play into the video game power up mentality.

All that said if anyone that finds em fun and can afford them. Whoo hoo. Go all in, I just suggest practicing lobbing water balloons.
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Grenades are awesome! They never work correctly, but the fun part isn't that... At the local field, we used to always have a last game. A bridge game, with the flag in the middle of the bridge and the objective was to get it across to the opponent's side without a hit.

Since it was the last game, people would inevitably run out of paint, call themselves out and walk off.

So I always bought one of those Tippmann grenades for $5. I never used them though. When some kid ran out of paint and say they were walking off, I would pull the grenade out of my pocket and hand it to them and say something like "don't go down without a fight", or "might as well go down fighting", etc.

Never once did I have someone tell me no.

They would take the grenade, run down the trail screaming their war cry and get completely lit up.

Totally worth it every.. single.. time!
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Grenades are mostly useless... but hilarious. I've used them a couple of times. Most of the time you lob them, they bounce on the ground, and roll somewhere.

Other times they hit a hard corner bounce into the air spraying paint in every direction.

Either way EVERYONE stops and just watches the odd balloon flying through the air like a sad potato unknowing what exactly will happen.

As far as mines... there is a really good one that looks like a claymore. It works really well if positioned right. Not all fields allow such things though.
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Well my field uses pyro grenades, once they used wires with them to make mines and a reff tripped one... really funny day!

That being said, if you call yourself out on a bounce shot (knowing it was skill that hit you and "luck" that saved you) , you may qualify for sainthood
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They make ones that have like a firecracker inside that spray a small amount of paint. It’s good for getting the refs attention they flash and everything. I forget who makes them but they are fun to use they almost always go off if you pull the pin right. They just don’t throw much paint. Enola Gaye makes them I guess. They make real nice ones that throw smoke to. I hate smoke it sucks breathing that crap in but it works.
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In the past I recall there being a grenade that was just a bit of tubing filled up to swell with a ball bearing inside actually holding the paint in. The important aspect of it was that when you pulled the pin you had to actually work the ball bearing just a bit to get it wet so it would slide out. The trick was doing that in a way as to not have it explode on yourself.

A buddy of mine used to design paint mines using tempura paints, pvc, and co2 cartridges. They were extremely effective and left more than one player super pissed off. They COVERED you in paint and mostly ended your day.
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