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I've been looking for a new mask.
I've been rockin JT since spectra.
I'll probably end up buying it.
My MCB feedback thread

I shoot 1-bps.
And it'll be up close.
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They absolutely MUST fix the spectra lens flaking inner coating problem when these come out! If the problem returns on these new masks, they’ll lose all momentum with this attempted comeback, and that will be the end of JT brand for good!
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Originally Posted by kevin qmto View Post
JT was (and should be) a pinnacle brand as well as a budget brand.
GI's branding strategy doesn't make any sense to me. A brand is supposed to communicate to customers what sort of overall experience they should expect from a product. JT used to be the no-nonsense bang for your buck company... nowadays, I don't know exactly what the JT brand is for. What can I expect from a GI Stealth compared to an Empire Axe Pro? What can I expect from a VForce Profiler vs a JT Proflex? What can I expect from Empire Marbalizer compared to GI 5 star? These are all GI products, so presumably they're targeting different consumers... right?

The only one of their brands with any sort of coherence is Tippmann.

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