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Originally Posted by vijil View Post
Dammit does the youtube thing actually work for anyone?
Remove the URL brackets
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It's paintball.
I've been laughing the entire time.
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Originally Posted by vijil View Post
Paintball as a sporting industry has *completely* failed to adapt to airsoft as a threat, and is busily piling extra sand around their heads for esports too.
Definitely. If the magfed stuff we're seeing today had started coming out in the late '00s, when people were starting to push back against the ROF race and losing interest in tourney, the sport would look very different.

Originally Posted by wunderbarsafari View Post
I remember Doug Brown from NPS telling me when I was a teenager that wanting to play “pro” paintball was a terrible life plan.
Well, not wrong.
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Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
I'm not a pro at anything but I do park in the Pro Customer spaces at Home Depot. Really.
Me too! Compared to most people I see parking there, I'm a super star. And by that i mean I'm not a complete idiot. But wait, I am parking there..............
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Originally Posted by vijil View Post
I'm basing the airsoft thing partly on this:,%2Fm%2F0163gn

They passed us for search volume in about 2009 (yay gfc) and are doing better, but not great. What they having going for them is the initial visual appeal since noobs always want "realism", and it costs nothing to play. We know that realistic looks =/= good gameplay, but kiddies don't know that, and they don't have the cash for paintball anyway, especially speedball. Then they just stay in airsoft. Paintball as a sporting industry has *completely* failed to adapt to airsoft as a threat, and is busily piling extra sand around their heads for esports too.

If I owned Dynasty or RL or any of the "pro" paintball teams that wanted to stay around post-NXL, I'd be looking seriously into establishing an esports presence especially in VR. While VR esports are still teeny tiny, they'll start to grow, and it's never too soon to start learning and dabbling. The muscle memory and skills from paintball will translate *a little*, enough to probably dominate what is currently a tiny field. Get in early.

If I were a paintball apparel company, I'd be supporting them to do so while establishing an apparel presence. Pads will still be a thing in VR just as in paintball, and so the paintball industry also has a leg up in that area. So far only HK are making moves in that space that I've seen.

Couple relevant things:

not a stab at vijil at all, everyone is entitled to their opinion. but am i the only one that wants to vomit and laugh at the exact same time watching these?
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Totally understand and I agree. It's not ready for primetime - but it's very much a question of when, not if. Everything starts out ridiculous - paintball sure did if you remember the early games and tournaments. Never quite got out of that phase actually...

The main difference vs PB is that VR has orders of magnitude more investment backing it than paintball ever did. While that burst of cash has slowed for good reasons (VR definitely was overhyped and undermatured in the last 5 years), those guys still want to see a major return.

Short term though, esports itself is a bigger problem than VR esports. I don't really know how paintball companies are going to be able to deal with that until VR takes off, because that's when it'll start to be a more analogous industry. Meta Threads seems to be doing ok.

I realize I'm contradicting myself a bit. It might not make sense to go all in on VR right now. Widespread adoption wont happen til it's built into glasses sized MR units, and that's a fair way off. A decade, maybe more. And then there's the privacy issues, assuming anyone still cares about that in a decade.

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As someone who loves going to big games, playing relaxed rec games, and also plays competitively in tournaments, I feel like I have a fairly valid opinion on this. I don't think paintball is a sport unless it is being played in a tournament format. That can be an airball tournament, hyperpipe, mech, pump, woodsball, etc. but rec games and big games just don't make the cut of "sport" in my opinion, although the legal definition of sport would probably say all paintball and airsoft games qualify.

As for "Pro" paintball, there are very few players who sustain a living on just paintball. Most that do are supplementing their "player salary" (very few even get this) by running clinics and travelling and making other money by playing. Most "Pro" players have reals jobs, some of which are jobs within paintball, but they are jobs beyond being a player.

I think that the current formats of tournament paintball are played professionally, and most of the "Pro" players are most definitely professionals at playing paintball in terms of fitness, practicing, and taking it seriously. The kicker is that because they don't have the income off of it, all the guys playing are doing it because they truly love what they do, not for a paycheck.

The only thing I would say isn't professional about current pro players, is how they market themselves, their teams, theirs sponsors, and paintball in general. The new NPL league is trying to push all of this in a better direction, but only time will tell.

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I've heard a few mention the NPL. What is it they're doing that's so different?
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I also kinda laugh inside when I hear the term "pro" in paintball. Bunch a guys traveling around playing in these rag-tag leagues, probably lucky to make $30k a year when everything is said and done. No one knows who you are, and hardly anyone watches the games. It's just kind of a joke to me.

It's like saying "I'm a pro RC car racer". Ha, okay, easy Earnhardt!

I really wish the industry would quite focusing on tourney play, or the pipe dream of making paintball a TV event sport, and just concentrate on making the game more enjoyable for the average player. We're always going to be a niche hobby, now even more so because of the rise of e-sports, (also a complete joke but nonetheless growing), and digital culture in general. Wish people would just focus on making it the best niche hobby it can be.
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Little off topic, but still relates to brodcasting games n such.

Lately, I have been enjoying watching some youtube paintball and airsoft players for gameplay/story videos. Some have a similar "formula" but they make it interesting to watch and some give their thought patterns on sucess and failure. Tourney games are repetitive and predictable (for the most part) with very little "real time" thoughts on what is going on in the players head. You could skip through an hour long tournament brodcast and not really miss anything.

Watching people play large scale scenario games add many different options to how the individual or group can tackle different problems in their own creative ways. Noted, sniper vids get boring after a while and have very little conflict, but still can be a fun perspective to watch. I really do like watching multiple peoples perspectives in the same game (paintball twins come to mind) as they show some key perspectives from different people going towards the same goal.

Now that I type this, "pro" games are a bit more boring to watch as there are less messups, moves are more practiced and streamlined. Lower level non pro games tend to have some silly moves that sometimes work an make things a little more exciting. Sometimes I like to sit back on rec games and watch, I am hardly ever disapointed as some players you dont expect to make big moves do something crazy and just make my day.
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