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^ yep, focal point.

Here's an easy idea with a focal point to try at your field without any special setup:

Take a standard speedball field. On one team's 30 in the middle there's a differently colored bunker. Maybe an aztec or small temple.

Two teams of 4.

Make sure there are clear corner markers and a clear startgate that's tall and can be used for cover.

When shot, you respawn by running around one of your own back corners, across to your other corner, then back to your startgate. Wipe yourself down (or sub out) while in cover, then rejoin the fight. Or: wait for teammates to show up and then all breakout at once. Your call.

Your goal as a team: push the payload, which is the aztec. You need to get it past the 50 to score one point, to the opposition 40 for two points, and to the opposition 30 for three points and a "delivery", ending the point. Then there's a break between points and now the other team goes on offense and tries to push it the other way.

A typical match would be two push attempts per team, for a total 20 minutes game time with a five minute halftime and two minutes at the quarters. First possession is decided by a 2v2, 2 minutes long elimination game before each half, worth 1 point (no payload). A tie is broken by a 2v2 at the end. So a full match would never take longer than... 35 minutes start to finish.

Time limit: 5 minutes per attempt. Paint limit: hopper + 2, no topups when you're shot. If subbing out, the incoming player is limited to hopperball only.

  • A bigger bunker will be easier to push as it provides more cover. Try different ones.
  • You'll need a clear lane up the middle for the payload to move in, and some way to mark the field so you can see how far it's moved. Bunkers you push past could be used for this.
  • The defending team is not allowed to push the payload the opposite direction. This could get dangerous if it's allowed.
  • This will be hella athletic. You better be good at shuttle runs, because time spent running to respawn is time you don't want to waste. Speed matters. Try not to puke.
  • If things get too fast moving, make the payload smaller, field sparser, maybe make it 5v5 instead. Do the opposite if it's too hard and you get stalemates.

If anyone tries this, please let me know how it goes!

The "pro" bit: filming
Clear offense and defense teams makes it easy to film - instead of filming from one side, relocate your primary cameras to the offense end. Your 180 line moves to the 50 across field rather than along it. Everything is now filmed primarily over the shoulders (whether zoomed in or out or from above) of the attacking team. Dorito side? No problem. Much easier to follow and watch in general. You'd have a couple cameras downfield mostly to get player reactions. Slice it up with guncams, and cut to defense guncams for replays.

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Completely aside from Pro-paintball, this^ sounds like a super fun way to play paintball.
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Now you might be wondering how well this beast from the east shoots. Well, I don’t know. As it stands now, I can’t get the internals back in.
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Originally Posted by BigReRe View Post
Completely aside from Pro-paintball, this^ sounds like a super fun way to play paintball.
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I never understood the appeal of having the flags at either end of the field. If you get to the end of the field then 99% of the time the other team has been eliminated. I always liked center flag games. Points given to first pull, possession at the end of the game, hanging it on others teams side etc.
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Nectaris yep that's a great idea - point for first pull, point for hang, but maybe hang is just crossing enemy 30 with flag. More interesting because flag is in play.

Another option is instead of a point for the pull, allow the flag carrier to respawn (but only the carrier). Even bigger incentive to get the flag early.

There are lots of little things like this that could make paintball more fun, but few have been tried.

The payload one works because the new gamer generation will instantly understand the concept, it's easy to set up, and has constant action and tension. Getting shot isn't as big a deal and you still get to keep playing.

Do any of you guys play at a field where you'd be able to try out some of this stuff? My local isn't really up to it.

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Originally Posted by wunderbarsafari View Post
I remember Doug Brown from NPS telling me when I was a teenager that wanting to play “pro” paintball was a terrible life plan.

Doug sounds like a good dude.

My $.02 on the topic...
"Pro" has a connotation of being the highest level of some organized competition; in this case paintball. Complaints that use of the term is 'forced' or 'wrong' because it isn't financially supportive are pedantic. The logical extension to such a statement is that we either refer to it as a phrase (e.g. "the highest level of competition") every time, couple it to some marketing term, or make up our own word. Well, we just borrowed another word that made it clear to the listener what we meant. The same thing is done all other sports that lack the means to support the lives of it's highest level of organized competitors. And all sports start that way until an economy is constructed around it - advertising, promotions, ticketing, etc. Winning a sport is not intrinsically profitable.
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This ^

In most sports I'd add that it's about whether there's prize money. If you regularly play the top level, and there's prize money, you're a pro. Whether that prize money is enough to live on (or even cover costs) is kinda beside the point.
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“Pro” Paintball is laughable!

I think I’ve always associated “pro” paintball with money- in the sense that the highest levels of competition require ample free time and disposable income to fund all of the travel, practice, equipment and other expenses. Sure sponsorship subsidizes this to varying degrees, but even the process of getting there takes a pretty significant commitment of resources. I’d agree that it’s part and parcel of being an equipment-intensive, non-standardized, niche sport/hobby.
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Does anyone read this?
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"Pro" paintball seems the equivalent of travel sports - like hockey, baseball, etc. It's not the big leagues, necessarily, or even minor league level, but still a high level form of competitive play.

I am not a fan, personally, but I get the appeal... for people who need to compete, it works.
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