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total shots per tank is more of a sales pitch.

Some markers use more air than others but when you start splitting hairs, the efficiency area becomes grey.

i had 2 g6r's and never really got a whole case out of one tank.

If the tank isnt COMPLETELY filled; that will lower the total shot count.
If the paint to barrel ratio is too far under bored; that will lower total shot count.
If the paint to barrel ratio is too far over bored; that will lower the total shot count.
If the paint is crappy (inconsistent); that will lower the total shot count.
Shooting past the point where velocity starts dropping with give you a false total shot count.
Shooting one shot, waiting, and shooting another and so on, will give you a false total shout count.
If its real humid or real dry outside, that will effect your total shot count.
If you mess with all of the settings, that will effect total shot count...

There is no clear winner as to the MOST efficient. The top markers all come pretty close to one another.
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Originally Posted by Tarsun View Post
If the tank isnt COMPLETELY filled; that will lower the total shot count..
Shot count is relative to the "cold" tank pressure (not hot from being filled). Add fill rate/temperature to the list.

The 2k5 Intimidators were good after tweaking. Did anyone leave those alone? That's the only reason I had one. Rule of thumb for generally thirsty automags was 15 shots / cu in of HPA at 4.5k, 10 shots/ cu in at 3k. You could interpolate in between there. I never carried more than 1100 rounds, but I often could not rely on a real 4.5k fill. The timmy did more like 20+ shots/ cu in at 4.5k.

I like more efficient markers because I can use a smaller bottle and/or not depend on the fill capability of the field. I don't carry much more than 800 rounds now, but I do it with a 45 cu in bottle.

I should get a chance to chug away on the Emek next month. I only know it does better than 13 shots / cu in at 3k, which puts it easily in the 20+ range for a 4.5k fill and matches the Gtek (~23). Old poppet efficiency in a reliable spool makes me happy.
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'04 Viking or Evil M. Evil M was a stacked tubed viking that got canned due to a settlement with Smart Parts. The '07 Cyborg is actually very similar to the Evil M.
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Everyone forgets about paint mass as well. I was shooting a sample selection of paint from an manufacturer, and their top of the line tournament ball impacted 2 feet lower at 100' than their other paints. Heavy paint needs the marker turned up higher and less efficient, but its well worth the benefits if the ball is quality.

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SMG60 running on 12s. That or a Vector.....(snickers and runs away)

My vote would go to a properly set up nelson.
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