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Originally Posted by Steed View Post
For flat ground I recommend either a cleat or trail shoe and would go with breath-ability over water sealing unless you're in a wet climate. Guess thats the biggest advice, buy for your climate.
For woods I'd recommend a taller shoe or boot, again I'd avoid water proofing unless you really need it or want it.
As far as brands I've been leaning toward Merrells these days because they're more comfortable and offer different supports. If you want tacti-cool SWAT boots are pretty good but Dick's/Field and Stream will have a good selection.
I think one thing that is key here is that the OP is looking for "scenario play". Most fields I have been to for scenarios include buildings of some sort with wooden floors, ramps and stairs. A little more rare are concrete or tile floors. For any of those once they are wet or get some paint on them you do not want to be wearing cleats. If strictly playing woods or turf then cleats would be good.
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Woodsball or scenario I wear Bates tactical sport 8 inch side zip boots.
I was first issued these in 2010 or so and love the boot. They are easy to take off, are comfortable enough to wear all day (which I had to do for work basically from 2010 to 2013), and are well treaded for the woods.

They're also affordable and durable. I was issued a total of 3 pair and still have all 3.

They don't shed mud very well though.

I know there are lots that go with shoes or clears or something but I have no desire to turn an ankle, so it's 8 inch high boots for me.
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I agree with a few others comments that trail runners are your best option. I'm personally using a pair of Hoka Stinson right now and love them. If you're unfamiliar with Hoka, they offer an excess amount of cushion (I've had multiple knee surgeries) and are very light weight. The downsides are like most quality running shoes, they're a bit expensive and they primarily come in bright colors, so finding ones in black or neutral colors can be a bit tricky if shopping locally.
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I really like my Merrell's Moab 2 Mid Gore-Tex they are really comfortable even with my ankle braces. The tread is reasonably aggressive without being uncomfortable on hard surfaces. The waterproofing really works but being Mid high no fording deep water.

Moab 2 Mid Gore-Tex

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I've been wearing my old steel toe timberland's for the past few years now, they've worked great for every environment I've played on, they've taken a lot of abuse and still hold up great
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I wear the waterproof version of these:
Classic 9
If and when I replace them I might go with the side zip ones. They've got nearly as much grip as my soccer cleats in mud or soft dirt, but still good on wet wood, concrete, etc.
Originally Posted by JonnyDread View Post
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For what it's worth, I ended up decided to just wear my Merrells. It feels more important to me to have ankle support and decent tread, rather than a cleat or lightweight shoe. The landscape varies too much, and while they're a bit clunkier than a cleat on a grassy speed ball area, they will work, whereas, a cleat in the woods or running through a paint sprayed castle feels dangerous, at best.

Thanks for you input and I hope this thread gets future usage!
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Originally Posted by Tracker View Post
yeah i feel like the water issue can be fixed 2 ways, either water channeling for quick drying and keeping water from staying in the shoe, or keep it from getting in the first place.

downside to option 1 is occasionally you will have wet feet.
downside to option 2 is that if it does get in over the top, it aint leaving
Originally Posted by Nectaris View Post
One thing I noticed is that you are both from southern regions and the OP is from CT. It's one thing to get wet feet and just play on when down there but up here in the spring and late fall the puddles on the ground are very cold and at times the air temp is still cold. Our shoes will not just dry during the day. Heck it was sleeting at my house this morning. When I played a few weeks ago at a local field there was still snow and ice on the ground so the puddles we were going through were just above freezing temps. Just having the water drain out of the shoes doesn't work.
I hike year round in MA/CT/NH with low cut trail runners. We hike every week rain/snow/shine. I gave up on waterproof shoes and boots. I've found that for me any waterproof boots or shoes made my feet to hot and my feet would sweat to much. I'd end up with wet feet and no way for the moisture to get out.

I now wear Altra Timp 1.5s and Darn Tough Socks. If I go through a deep puddle water will get in but it drains quickly and the merino wool socks dry quick and still provide insulation when wet.

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Originally Posted by Trbo323 View Post
Found them

I believe mine are the speedcross 3, very minor differences. I can't tell you too much in the durability other than they have been to a few major events and been through the washing machine about 4 times and are still going strong

I'm sure you can find some of the new ones to get to you before your event but if you want to save some money I would try eBay and see if anyone has shipping options that would work for your timeline

If I remember right the sizes are fairly true to size

O, they are very lightweight, sole is still strong enough to protect your foot though

I have yet to get shot in the top of the foot though
I love thse shoes. After about a year and a half of heavy use, they're holding up great, other than small holes forming where the top of my toes bend when I kneel.(which means they leak water, now) It's great to know that I can find them for discounted prices. I think I paid $150 for them.
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Originally Posted by martix_agent View Post
I love thse shoes. After about a year and a half of heavy use, they're holding up great, other than small holes forming where the top of my toes bend when I kneel.(which means they leak water, now) It's great to know that I can find them for discounted prices. I think I paid $150 for them.
Ya go to eBay, as long as you know your size I got mine for $20-$30 somewhere in that range

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