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Originally Posted by cyberpyr8 View Post
I have had and used a vmax+, then went to a Z2 prophecy and now using a pinokio speed. The vmax and speed are my favorites. My son has the spire but I am not a fan.
What don't you like about the spire?

I'm just curious

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Originally Posted by superman View Post
... I find my self in some strange positions that id prefer something that is forcefed.
I really like my Shoe Loader (Mini-Rotor) on my pumps but I did found out the rough way that if you are using a force-fed loader on a closed bolt pump to make sure your detents are working correctly. I chopped a couple paintballs last time out right in the beginning of the day due to partial extra balls because the detent (stock ball detent on a Sniper II) was malfunctioning. Agitated- or gravity fed hoppers are a little more forgiving then force-fed.

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I tried the shoe. I couldnít get used to the weight of it. Actually looking at making a mini revy to try that and see if I like that more.
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I want a miniature (100rd or less) semi-force fed hopper. Think mini Eggy, but with sturdier shells.
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the hopper i use depends on the gun, a mech gun gets my revvy
electro gets my Spire IR (spires win on simplicity alone and IR break beams are still the best)
and a winny for pump

i've tired most of the older competition, but very little of the new stuff
TFX (great design but not easy to clean if somethign goes wrong)
rotor (still one of my favorites)
prophecy 1 and 2 (work great as long as you dont break a ball, they will make an absolute mess if a ball gets crushed)
and of course the Halo

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Originally Posted by Trbo323 View Post
Soooo...... Everything was normal then?

Lol, I'm surprised you are still using those. Has it gotten hard to find new shells yet?
My eggs lasted a long time aside from the lid & battery door. I don’t think I’ve had one where the lid didn’t break at the hinges.

I’ve never bought new shells. When they began cracking in places other than the lid & battery door I....improvised. I wrapped one completely in Duck Tape. I used a lighter to heat the tape which kind of melted it, making it stick better. I even coated one with Flex Seal which seemed to work. I figure I’ll get a few more years out of them this way but, like I said, I mainly use my 4 whose shell doesn’t seem to be as brittle as the older models.

Why do I still insist on using them? I just really like them. They were my first “high end” loaders I used so it’s partially sentimental. Also, they’ve just always done what I needed them to do. I’ve never needed anything that fed faster & I like the form factor.

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Originally Posted by superman View Post
... Actually looking at making a mini revy to try that and see if I like that more.
Ooooo yes to this. A small 100rnd or less agitated loader would be nice.
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Originally Posted by Velcor View Post
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Originally Posted by Trbo323 View Post
What don't you like about the spire?

I'm just curious
A couple of things. Basically the ergonomics. First, I don't like how the lid opens. I have been told many times once you get used to it it's not bad but I seem to catch it trying to open it every time. Not a big deal with the speed feed but if I had a problem on the field I don't know I could quickly open it the first time without looking down.

I hate the power button. Compared to the speed or the Z2, it is clumsy. It takes too much effort to hit it and turn on the hopper and not enough feedback to know I hit it. I don't want to think about my hopper. It should be seamless. I find the spire, though it can be configured and customized is too complicated for what it does. I want to easily throw paint in it and have it feed. I don't want to have to struggle to turn it on or off, open the lid or worry about it in any way. The Vmax, speed and Z2 all work that way. I can't justify the higher price tag for inconvenience.

I know I am the minority on this but I also am not one to follow the cool crowd just because everyone else says it's THE hopper to have. I want something to just work. Being that way, I don't every have problems with equipment on the field. I get stuff, that while it's not sexy, works every time. I could count on one hand the number of times I had to walk out of a game because of equipment failure in the last 17 years. Most of those times were recently when I tried playing with a 10+ year old Pimp. Even then I had a trusty replacement waiting on the sidelines. I don't go to the field to hang out. I go to play as much as I can take. I refuse to let a hopper or piece of equipment steal a game from me. I know not everybody has these issues with the spire but I find it funny to see how many guys I have played with have walked off before a game for a hopper not working right. R2's and spires are great if you have a pit crew to keep you going but for most of us they are overkill for what we need.
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Every set up.
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I used a 1st gen (like bought when they first came out) Rotor for a long time. Recently switched to a 12v Revvy because of weight and since I'm playing mech exclusively now I don't need the speed.
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