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Cousin's Matrix. Don't remember if it was Dye or Gen E.
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A friends friend had a 2000-2002 cocker that he let me use at a big game back in 03, first time shooting a cocker was like magic when you have only used a tippmann 98.
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Shooting the airowgun. And hitting somone.
the world slows down as it happens everytime.

As far as other markers. Probaly my first modded pgp. Compared to stock it was beautiful
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I have posted in here before, but I feel it deserves its own post.

I have to say that the EMEK has completely blown me away. I was impressed initially, but having played with them quite a bit now it is completely unbelievable how good that gun is for the money.

It is fast, reliable, and cheap. Not to mention accurate and easy to maintain with good ergonomics to boot.

It isn't going to replace my high end mechs, but it is soooo good for the money.
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When I started playing in 95 my first gun I owned was a BE stingray. When I got a spyder it was a pretty nice step up. The first gun that I thought I really liked though was a older guy at a field let me play a game with his shoebox shocker. That was about the time that the Impulse was coming out so since I did not have the money for a shocker I got an impulse. It was not quite as good as the shocker but it was mine and I was happy.
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The first one? That's got to be the brand spanking new Kingman Hammer III I ALMOST bought. That thing just felt right in my hands. It was as if all I had to do was look at something and I could put paint on target. Too bad it fell apart before the afternoon was over. The field owner couldn't get it work again and sent it back.

I would love to own a working Hammer 3. But them things are about as common as Kansas summer days in January. Was there really anything special about Hammer 3's? Or is it just my memories lost in yesteryear? Perhaps we will never know.

Ended up buying my original Puma instead. In the same case I still have what is arguably the first ICD threaded BOA Concealer. When I ordered it they had to send the barrel to ICD to have threaded.
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Dm6, smooth quiet

Still own it

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The Gen 1 Bob Long Intimidator when they first came out. After playing for years on my 98c and then cocker and even a friend's shoebox shocker. The Intimidator with working eyes on that bright sunny day was eye opening. I knew instantly why they called them SillyString shooters and I have yet to recreate that giddy feeling while shooting a marker.

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The first Minicocker I built was, after shooting Mags, Tippmanns, Spyders, et al... was nothing short of a revelation. So smooth and it was hard not to get into a good rhythm sending strings of paint down the field.

I took my brace of 2002 Shocker Sports- a vertical and a right feed- out yesterday for the first time. I've never really got much enjoyment from electros before, but these were the epitome of smooth. No movement, ball-on-top-of-ball, and the weight wasn't noticeable running around and shooting. Lots of looks on the field, and a few even recognized them, which was odd because the guns were older than they were.
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I can remember back in 1990, someone showed up with the 68-special.

mind blown. Game forever changed.

I had seen the arrival of SMGs in 87 or so. They were intimidating until you learned how to beat them, then you mostly ignored them. All the clunky double actions coming out were cool.... but not impressive. You would hear about the hurricane, but you never really trusted it, with its rube goldberg mechanics.

But I clearly remember the day someone showed up with one. The guy had a beard, and drove a camaro, named Fred. Thats how clearly I remember it! lol.

Every single gun on the field was instantly obsolete. We all wanted to try it out, and get one for ourselves. I couldnt afford one, so I sold my Rapide Comp and SL-68 to pay for it. I felt bad because those new owners showed up a few weeks later.... and realized what I had already knew. To late, no backsies....

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