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The Legend of the Dual Splatties

So Iíve heard the stories of guys wielding two Splatmasters, and cocking them one-handed by slamming the knob into themselves Rambo style. In my continuing quest to be the next generation of Ďliving historianí for the old time days, I want to confirm details with anyone who has real anecdotal experience with this. Did guys fashion padded/metal plates in strategic spots? How did this whole thing go down?
I have two splatties and wish to display this time-honored technique correctly.(and less painfully than cramming them into by thighs, tried that a few times now)
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Video on YT by a guy buy the name of Huckleberry I believe. Good video, one of my favorites.
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I've done it a few times

I used the co2 know from the second gun to press on the bolt of the first ... Not the fastest ...
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Originally Posted by Macdave06 View Post
I think for most here, I'd use the term "collect" loosely. It's more like hoarding.
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Originally Posted by BLINDMAN Pb View Post
Video on YT by a guy buy the name of Huckleberry I believe. Good video, one of my favorites.
I don't remember him doing it with Splatty's, but definitely with phantoms.
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Originally Posted by BLINDMAN Pb View Post
Video on YT by a guy buy the name of Huckleberry I believe. Good video, one of my favorites.

Well, there goes my productive Sunday. Found his YouTube channel. Great stuff!
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AmHildreth and I both did that attacking at CC XXI.
The best method I had was using the heel of the other hand, I could push the cocking knob of the right one while still holding the other one in my left and vice-versa. I think Andy was using his elbow.

It was reloading that was a pain, you had to put one down to change the tube in the other. Which meant you couldn't get too far from hard cover.

A little off but funny story about that game.
I had started using just one splatmaster, and I was dressed in full pyrate garb (puffy white shirt, bright green vest, red sash, and black leather bandolier with holster). I left the marker holstered and walked right up the middle of the road with one of the photographers and stood right out front front talking with Amy the Girl (a reporter for PSI).
Because I was not shooting at the castle and the way I was dressed, I was not perceived as a threat which allowed me to stay out in the open by the front door. While chatting with Amy, Mike Haanse (Blue, the general of the defenders) he comes charging out the door and into a bunker across the road and shooting at my team.
I said to Amy "I'm gonna go say hi to Blue" and I walked over and literally sat on the man as he huddled down in the bunker. I tapped him with the splatmaster and say "Hey Mike! You know I'm on the other team, right?" He just glances back at me and says "Barrel tags don't count in this game" and continues shooting at the guys trying to come up the hill. He looked back at me again and asks "You going to shoot me or what?"
I'm like "I don't do that" not when I sitting on the mans feet, so I sat there doing paint checks on him as he took a couple of bounces until we both got hit. Now I was carrying a strip of Girl Scout Thin Mints in my dump pouch, and as we walked off together I offered him one. He took it and we headed to our respective dead zones.
About five minutes later, another of the PB Marshals comes into the netted area and he's laughing like crazy. He had just come off and walked by the defenders dead box when he heard Blue saying he wanted another one, my guy asks "Another what?" and Blue answered him "Another cookie!"
We all had a good laugh, because I was the only one on the field passing out cookies. After the game I tracked Blue down and gave him a whole box.

And now the old man settles back in his rocking chair on the porch, lights his pipe ~ and falls asleep...
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I did that.
My nipples looked phenomenal.
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I've heard stories from BretG that Bored838 did this at the old Taneytown field. I'll let one of those chime in.
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Third of five has been known to dual wield splattys. Not sure of his technique though
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There was a Sgt. Splatter comic in APG approximately a million years ago, where a guy called "Lumpy" came up with what he called the "Auto Pump Lump".

It was a pad strapped to his forehead- he said you just lube the bejeebers out of the gun, and smack it against the 'lump' to almost autotrigger out the rounds. The opposing team though there were like ten guys in the bush, and threw their "secret weapon" at him (a 20 gallon trash bag filled with paint. )

'Course, that was a comic, but it wouldn't surprise me if Fred (the author) had at one time actually seen a player use something other than his off hand to recock a Splatty. Maybe even had something set up for it, like leather wristbands or something, and Fred, being the cartoonist he is, took the idea and made it even sillier.

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