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Zeta mag pouches

Does anyone know of a good pouch that will hold a zeta mag?
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I use this.....Condor.
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here 4 the memes
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P90 mag pouches are often suggested
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I used these.

No you won't get any bounces off of them but you can pull a mag out fast and you don't necessarily have to carry a dump pouch either.
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I only carry one spare on me in my pants squeegee pocket. Could probaly double up in them for a total of 5
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I use these:

I think there may be a triple mag version as well. The flap that cover the mag is adjustable using Velcro. I used a ruler to release and then position the flap then removed the ruler.

If I has seen theses first I would have bought them:

They have them in other colors as well.
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