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For me it would be my custom cerakoted E2 Karnivor. That or an E-Oracle. I
love the classic eframed cockers.

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My PPS Pyre, has been a workhorse since 2009.
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Accept no substitutes!
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CCI Phantom Fan
My VSC phantom, I purchased it in 2003 as a graduation gift for myself and it has never let me down. It just feels right, and will never be sold... EVER.
Low speed - High drag

Empire revolver barrel kit for sale.

PBN feedback
MCB feedback
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Brass and Wood Fan
Definably my P68 Magnum!

Take the block off for single load, with the block I can go from stock class to open class easily and I can put the TIPX mag adapter (or any CCI adapter) in both directions ...
Love my SSR
Love my brass
... hard choice ...

Originally Posted by Macdave06 View Post
I think for most here, I'd use the term "collect" loosely. It's more like hoarding.
ATS Screw Kit
Splatmaster Figure 8 Replacement
My Feedback
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It would be whatever gun I didn't have but wanted next.

"this will be THE ONE!"
"I'll see it when I believe it"

PSA: To post direct images when using imgur or other hosting site, copy the "direct link" url in between these image tags [img]yoururlhere[/img]
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CCM Series 5 with a spare pump kit on the side. Can go mech to pump in 10 minutes.
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My p68sc.
I just like playing with the thing.
My MCB feedback thread

I shoot 1-bps.
And it'll be up close.
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I always think i have the "one" but nah...I'll get more guns lol
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I’ll say an automag r/t.
Just not tourney legal.
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Ivan Sovetsky
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CCI Phantom Fan
Wait, did I log into the wrong MCB this morning? I thought this was the "Marker for for every day of the month" club. I'm about halfway there, and now you ask me to pick just one? Blasphemy.

But if I had to pick, for some strange reason my heart pushes my fingers toward the DP G3. Which means that when we all get together at Flounder's house after nuclear winter, I'll be looking for a sturdy branch to make a slingshot.
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