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Originally Posted by Gabe View Post

As a kid raised on 2000's freestyle dirt bike movies, punk rock/rock rap, and DerDer movies it was pretty epic. A lot better than the soft electronic music and drone shots we get in today's "action" sports films.
Pretty crazy how Rise Against started releasing music again right around the time that big Mechanical Paintball Tournaments started up again. Iron City Classic throwback vids??
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Originally Posted by MarkT View Post
I can understand the 7K price but $22 shipping seems excessive.
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Originally Posted by DocsMachine View Post

-Isn't all porn virtual? I mean, unless you pay to have the actors show up and give you a live performance...

Anyway, you wouldn't like my porn. It's all seductively-shot pictures of vertical mills, jig borers and tool grinders. I do have a few "money shot" videos of CNC millst's what cranks your handles.

Pretty sure that describes porn for everyone on mcb....
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Originally Posted by here4parts View Post
Pretty sure that describes porn for everyone on mcb....
-Naw. As I understand it, MCB porn involves more mayonnaise for some reason.

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Originally Posted by DocsMachine View Post
-Disagree. Kids are always graduating school/college and running out of free time. It's not like it only happens once every four or five years- it happens every year.
I'm with Doc on this one. I graduated high school in '07 and stopped playing because I couldn't get a job while in college. I remember many of the older guys couldn't afford to bring them and their kids. A lot of people picked up airsoft at that point.

The mid 2000s in Oregon there was a great outlaw/woodsball scene and "cheater boards" were all the rage at tournaments (real or not).

The paintball scene fit in well with all of popular stuff at the time like adrenaline crew, street racing, and jackass (the movie or at home).
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One observation I've been making, when I have a chance to get to a field, is that the "kids" playing paintball seem to be doing other things as well, like hockey/baseball/soccer/etc. When I was in highschool no one playing paintball was playing other sports - they just didn't have the cash, and there weren't a lot of kids playing who were being bankrolled by their parents, we all had part time jobs to pay for it.

I think the coffee table book is a cool idea from a nostalgia point of view, but I wasn't into the tourney scene then and I'm still not.... I'm not really the target audience, I guess, so it's ok if it doesn't appeal to me. I would be interested in reading the Gardner brother interviews, though, if they're in there... it's always interesting to see how they spin things.
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And God turned to Gabriel and said: “I shall create a land called Canada of outstanding natural beauty, with majestic mountains soaring with eagles, sparkling lakes abundant with bass and trout, forests full of elk and moose, and rivers stocked with salmon. I shall make the land rich in oil so the inhabitants prosper and call them Canadians, and they shall be praised as the friendliest of all people.”

“But Lord,” asked Gabriel, “Is this not too generous to these Canadians?”

And God replied, “Just wait and see the neighbors I shall inflict upon them.”

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Originally Posted by DocsMachine View Post
There will always be those that prefer the realism over the virtual. Yes, VR might take a fair bite out of the sport- as it will for virtually every pastime from sex to cooking- but there will always be that contingent that will only accept the real thing.

Look at the recent resurgence in vinyl records- no, we'll never see the peak sales of pressed recordings like there was in the 70s, again, but even in this all-things-digital age, where you can store 100,000 complete albums on a memory card smaller than your fingernail, there's still a strong interest in analogue recordings.

We're seeing a little renewed interest in physical photography as well- especially now that you cn buy high-end SLR cameras and lenses, that once cost well into the five figures, for basically pocket change.

What hurt PB back in '08 was the simple fact that a significant portion of players were young, like 18 to 25. And between '08 and '10 or '11, actual unemployment in that demographic hovered around 55 to 60%. Of course there was going to be a solid drop-off in participation, and along with that significant drop, was the loss in sales and thus closure of several good sized companies (like SP and WDP.)

The sport has, of course, been growing back ever since, with some new players and some old players returning, but again, the days of the double-digit growth are over. Unless some major player bankrolls something like a nationwide chain of parks, the best we're going to see from here on out is the same 2-3% growth everyone sees, simply from population growth.

That's a good point. I started playing in 2004 because me and my friends were finally old enough to join my friend's dad (field limit was 14 at the time) ad heard his stories of him playing in the early and mid 90's.

I seemed to join at the peak of paintball's growth, because looking at numbers of big games and site traffic, the peak was right around 2004 or 2005 with a slow drop off up until 2008.

I didn't experience it personally because all but a few of my friends stopped playing regularly around 2006 or 2007, but 2008 is when my regular field closed; it was opened by someone else who limped it along for a bit longer and I reffed at that one too, but turnouts were far lower for a long time.

I am seeing a lot more interest locally, and I think a lot of that has to do with the milsim aspect and first strikes, both things I've never been big on, but if they help the sport stay alive I'm all for them.
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