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Kinda sad that I don't have an email... gues I don't like phantoms enough.....
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whoever the scammer is, they are incredibly adept at learning a subculture and ripping people off.
from real firearms to rental property to now us...

this could be her?

Tonya Butler(aka Christine Czerniak)
2119 N. Watt Ave
Muncie, IN 47303
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yup, I got the same email from "tonpoints" this morning. Looked suspicious as sin to me too, so I went to the site, looked up the name, and saw the account was created today, so I just said "F that"
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Got it via email....
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Got the email as well but no PM. Screamed scam right from the get go. I didn't even bother to investigate.


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Now I feel apart of the club.

Ban the new guy... portsbrush aka:

It's the same

Just got this via email....

To email portsbrush, you can use this online form:

OR, by email:

This is the message:


1.custom Phantom

This Package includes:
CCI Phantom, gold, with barrels, body, and valve bodies in black.
45 grip block with custom made Punisher grip panels
M16 grip
trigger shoe
6" barrel
14" barrel
dropout valve body
VSC kit with macro line
10 round stick feed, with ball slots in feed block, and custom shotgun style sight pins
modified micro pump handle: sighting notch cut from right side
Punisher's Customs Dually Undercocking kit, original block style
original paperwork, including blank warrantee card

marker case
30 some odd ten round tubes, about 20 of which have speed caps
rare 1980s phantom grip frame- black
non compatible Nelson back bottle valve with compatible softer springs

NOTE: the 14" barrel, breach, and VSC valve body have a custom worn "battle scarred" finish, where the anodizing has been removed from the edges of the parts, and a line on either side of the tube has been "worn" down, creating a unique appearance and character.


2. Black VSC Phantom F/S or F/T for KP

excellent condition VSC Phantom, 32XXX serial number. Gotta make room for some new goodies coming in. Has a gauged valve and I added a CCI ghost ring.

3. Rare Unibody Phantom

unibody phantom for sale today. includes taso frame with m16 grip, 2 12 gram changers, 1 4 oz tank, 1 thread saver, and 20 or so 12 gram co2s. also include micro hopper and MICROLINE kit.

4. pink and black acid washed phantom

For sale is a pink and black vsc phantom with: smoke parts, bobbed valve, gauged out back, dye sticky grips, and a matching anno t-stock.
the gun has had a few cases through it but is still looks beautifull.

5.Factory Splash/Splatter Phantom

The feed gate works but is chipped. Df body as well

6. VSC pink and black acid wash phantom
For sale is a verticle stock class phantom.
its got a guaged out back,t-stock,smoke parts,bobbed valve,dye sticky grips, and a 12 gram changer. its been used quite a bit and has a lil scratching but not enough to be noticable when you look at the gun you have to look at it really close to notice the scratching.
the feedneck broke on me so i cut it down so it accepts 10 round tubes right into it. i have the 15 round tube still but a new feedneck needs to be purchased for it to be used.

7. Awesome Class Phantom

Barrel, body, dropout changer, rare orange pump handle, and internals are in near new condition. The only exception is the trigger frame that has some knicks and stuff here and there.

Trigger is upgraded ball bearing trigger that really does make my stock trigger feel bad in comparison.

Set up in pictures with like new cram N jam

Includes brand new detent ring set, no roll outs

Includes brand new APP 50 ball hopper. 1 hopper full, 1 12 gram and nothing to reload for a whole game. Its a great setup when you don't feel like carrying anything extra onto the field.

8. Dropout franken-Phantom

Bought this for a stock class event and haven't used it since, but only because I am very biased towards cockers and snipers. Inside:
Roller bearing trigger
Freak bored barrel
CCI undercocking kit

9. Bob Long MVP

Up for sale is a MINT Bob Long MVP in beautiful Orange/Black.


10.Orange Creamsicle Phantom $500

BEAUTIFUL orange creamsicle phantom for sale. Needs new cup seal, but dont all phantoms? Works great, shoots great. Comes with stock and 12gram changer. Its good at collecting dust right now.

11. VSC/RF Green Silver Phantom

What you get:
-VSC Phantom custom green and silver anodizing.
-Matching RF body, and t-stock
-bottom line kit
-wgp hopper and elbow
-cci o-rings, detents and other misc parts
-velocity adjuster (not pictured)
-extra pump handle (older style) and SC feed block
-NW quick drop

12.CCI Phantom Revolution Black Grey Silver

shoots well comes with all spare parts, velocity adjuster plus:
- Bottom Line Setup
- Paintball Sleeves (.671, .674, .680, .684, .687, .691)
- Open Class/Vertical Stock Feedneck

13. Vsc phantom

Holding through stock classic. 11" stock barrel, detent rings(not pictured), brass pump shim, 15round feed tube, gauged vsc kit, t stock, trigger shoe, black dye stickies. This is a players gun but still looks pretty darn good cosmetically. Talked to Mike Cassidy and he said the anno was the result of a failed blue orange acid wash.

14. Urban Acidwash CCI Phantom and extras

Bought this new last year, have used it a couple times only. Culling the herd...

As pictured below, marker comes with VSC bits as well as matching bottom line kit for constant air. Barrel is factory Freaked. One piece feed.

Looking for $200

15. CCI Phantom Black/Silver Freak

Black/Silver Phantom w/8" freak barrel. 677 679 682 inserts. Spring lit and some spare parts. Getting ~35 shots at 280fps off a blue spring. No safety, some marls on the barrel from play/pump handle, otherwise a clean and nice shooter.

16. Black VSC Phantom w/ extras For Sale

Gun is in almost mint condition. Only real wear can be found on the grip of the 12 gram changer and the lug for the T-stock. Guns shoots absolutely amazing.
What's included:
Black VSC Phantom
Freak bored 11 inch stock barrel
Green ghost ring sight
Green trigger shoe
Green 12 gram bucket changer
Black 12 gram bucket changer
Black T stock
679, .682, .684
Spare orings and 12 gram seals.
Spare bolt and valve assembly SOLD
Ronin stock class harness

17. Phantom
Red & Black with rear ASA (seen the field many times) $100
All are in working condition,we just used them in a scenario.

18.Phantom Stock Class

Phantom 11″ VSC w/45 Black with a retail price and with features of Trigger Shoe, Freak Barrel, Dual Rod Pump, 12 Round One Piece Feed.This stock class marker has no scratches or wear

19. Like New Purple Phantom

CCI Bored 11" Barrel
CCI Dual Rod UC Kit
CCI Preset 750 psi Reg
CCI 10rnd Feed Tube
CCI 45 Frame Flat bottom
CCI 12G Changer
CP Gauge Adaptor
DP 1200 psi gauge
CP Pro Rail
CP Mini On/Off

20. Plane Jane VSC Phantom

21.Mossy Oak Camo Phantom

22. Cci phantom
Cci phantom
-asp detent mod
-kpcs 1 piece feed
-Dye stickey grips
-CP on off asa

23. CCI Phantom with tons of extra's

1) CCI VSC Phantom, Smoke clear parts
2) Palmers side stabilizer
3) Deadlywind carbon fiber barrel 8"
4) SS inserts .675, .679, .684, and .689.
5) A whole lot of extra's, rainmaker kit, spring kit, and everything else in the picture

24. CCI Phantom (orange)

25. Phantom - Green & Silver/White
It includes everything you see; one of the barrels is Freak bored while the other is OE. $210

26.Black/Green Phantom w/ Orange Parts

I have a black/green acid wash phantom that I got in a sale here on MCB. At the same time I had Mike make me a somewhat custom pink phantom. Turns out I don't need this many pumps lying around. I've never shot it, but it certainly seems like it's in good shape. VSC, 45 grip frame, T stock and CF body.
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Originally Posted by iamthelazerviking View Post
I had fun wasting his time with pm's, while waiting on the ban.
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This guy too!

Le Renard Youtube Channel
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