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Personally, the only things I've really missed were things I would have flipped and made some money on.

For a short time, I was really upset I missed an Angry frame. I was looking to get one for my trilogy, and one popped up on ebay for a decent price, but it wasn't a humpback so I passed. I ended up "settling" on a Niche frame, which I've been very happy with.

I bought a NOS Angry frame on ebay a few weeks ago for way too much money, and it's cool, but I like the niche frame better so it worked out.

That said, I have missed a handful of guns that I really wanted for the museum I help curate. The one I'm most bitter about was a Goddwill lot that ebay screwed us out of. We went to snipe it at the last minute, and ebay signed us out. By the time we could sign back in, the auction ended.

Also lost an F/A, which we've been searching for ever since.

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ooh look at that over there!!! Jeremy Salm riding a giant rainbow-coloured unicorn!!
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Playing the World Cup in '98, Glenn Palmer had a matched pair of nasty pugs, one over/under and one side by side. I could have had both for $500.
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Gog envy

The story itself doesn't really matter at that point

Edit: I totally misread that as "I shouldn't have bought it"

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I missed 2 Karni at work, one red and one blue with the Kanar kit.

Both were around $3-500. Now they go for 8-9.

Didn’t have the money but wish i did lol. Now I make enough that I’ll swoop whatever catches my eye.
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Originally Posted by pbyrne233 View Post
The last batch of the 2k5 Black Magics. They were clearing them out on Action Village for like $225 at one point in late 2007. Major mistake.
I came to say this too, ugh.

Another one of mine is an Eclipse Shoebox I found on Craigslist in Maine around 2009. It was part of a $200 lot that was mostly old masks and STBBs and I didn't want the extra gear laying around... shoulda done it.
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I missed a Dye reflex cocker on LetGo locally for $60. It was almost complete, but when I went to pick it up the guy brought a whole pile of spyders that he had but he didn’t know where he put the cocker. I was SUPER pissed, because I was getting the feeling that he sold it out from under me, but such is life. He kept in contact with me for a few months afterwards while he “was still searching” but it never showed back up.

The only other one I missed was a K framed PGP on here a few years back. Sad face
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A ton, but my most recent was on ANS they had a sniper that dropped down to $200 on one morning (it was $237 the night before), but I was waiting for payment from a sale to buy it. By that evening it was up to $250. I got paid shortly after it went up.
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in 2007 a black/yellow EvoX was sitting in my local paintball outfitters shop (the same one I now work at part time!)

It sat for $250 for months... and I didn't buy it. I thought that was too much for "an old cocker". Annnnd now they're worth $1000 all day.
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A red freefolw autococker, undrilled, with matching "professional" slider frame and I think full shocktech pneumatics

I was just about to buy it on eBay for the 300 bucks, but someone beat me to it, oh well, you win some, you lose some
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Mine is when there was a lot on the local Craigslist that had a 2k5 Prostock autococker, what I believe was a SystemX Dragon cocker, a minty blade, and a bunch of other goodies for a whipping $150. I just didn't have the available cash at the time.
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