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Originally Posted by RAZRBAKK View Post
I have a similar story with bitcoin. I was offered $200 worth in 2010, but I was about to go to college and only spent my money on things that were tangible.

It was valued around $.125 USD back then. Now it's about $13,300.

That's roughly when 2 of my buddies were mining it. 1 of them mined a full coin by himself and I had an even better suited graphics card. I didn't because from what they were telling me is was practically useless at the time. Only a couple of grey/black market websites accepted it and no one was really converting it to normal currency. And so went a $20-25k opportunity.
Originally Posted by JonnyDread View Post
The admins here are generally chaotic-good
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Originally Posted by kevin qmto View Post
in 2007 a black/yellow EvoX was sitting in my local paintball outfitters shop (the same one I now work at part time!)

It sat for $250 for months... and I didn't buy it. I thought that was too much for "an old cocker". Annnnd now they're worth $1000 all day.
Probably a similar time frame. Might have been more 2010-2011ish. I owned and Evolution, Gen 2 SFL, and Gen 4 SFL. Sold all three for less than what ONE would go for now. and I doubled my money. Got into another hobby, but I see the prices now and I'm sad I missed out on more $$$. Oh well.

I fixed it recently with another Gen 4 SFL.
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Made a deal on ICD-O for an Acid Reign Bushmaster. When I say deal I mean DEAL. I was going to PayPal him the next day but when I got ready to he said he’d decided to keep it. I found out that he had actually sold it to somebody else for more than what we had agreed upon. I feel like if I had went ahead & sent the money as soon as the deal was done he’d have probably honored it. Oh well.

P.S. .........I FARTED ON THE MEAT!!
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god so many, offered a deal in stock trading 10k hand in (was through a wealthy family member who said that if it went sore they would cover my losses) didnt do it he made 90K out of his 10k investment.

Got offered a military simulator the shop bought it for 15K offered it to me $1500 ..said no as i didnt have the room (i really didnt but still...)

19 got offered around 60acres of my old paintball filed (the owners were selling up) wanted 40K i was thinking where the hell can i get 40K that land now would be in the 4 million bracket.
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