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Originally Posted by magmoormaster View Post
After you lose a couple pods, most people don't care what brand or color they use.

My pod collection is a mix of some from 10 years ago and a couple of newer ones. Some were friends I had in my pack at the end of a game, some were team pods I borrowed to haul paint home after a game. One or two I found on a scenario field. A strange mix of brands and colors make you look either like a veteran player or a paintball hobo

I use trade my gun pods. The lids are stupid tight
I got a couple of those free with a pod loader. After a few months they went in the recycling bin as my arthritic fingers could not open them on the field.
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I'm happy with my Dye Alpha smoke colored ones.
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I use a.old set of blue pmi 140 pods. Makes it pretty easy to tell they are mine since noone else has them because of how old they are.
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I have dye lock lids ... but I prefer the dye alpha pod. I got one in a giveaway at a big game but the color is backprdered!

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Ans cheap $2 pods. I honestly like them the best though

Tried Valken, tried dye alpha and loc-lids

Tippmanns are not bad

But the ans ones I can always get, in the color I want and they have tabs that work with my pod pack straps while not being cumbersome to open

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APP tac-pods for open pump. Old VL 100rnd flip top pods when I want extra for mech.
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Originally Posted by Velcor View Post
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Thanks again for all the input guys, it's helping me decide on a direction to go with my project...
Phinally a Phantom owner!
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I think the only pods I've bought are APP 50rd...all the 140s just kinda of appeared. No really. A lot of others stage out of my car at times and pods just got left behind. I have 10+ pods and I don't think I've bought a one.
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I still use the 100 round pods, as all my gear and packs are fitted for the 100 pods. I should have a few of my original Indian Springs around, but they are mixed in with the cheap stuff that is being sold now.
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I have the usual supply of GxG and similar from TMG. But I really like my Virtue base pods. The snap is good and I really like the foam under the lid. Secures the paint and I don’t have to do the tap n shake to get a snug fit. They’re good enough that I make sure I get them back at the field. The gxg and tmg are global supply imo.
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