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PTP MicroMag value ?

Hi All - Longer time lurker and occasional poster. Anyone know what MicroMags are going for these days? This one is RT valved. Co-Worker is looking for $170. Dont know enough about Mags though to say if thats a steal

For those who cant see the pic - its a black PTP, Armson barrel, warpfeed and some remote line stuff I dont need.


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That is definitely a steal and you should jump on it! Or if you don’t want it I will gladly take it in your place!

Bottom line, snag it!
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Welcome back buddy! And GanonsGrin is your brother? He is the devil
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I can't see your pic, but if it's in good condition then, yes, that's an absolute steal! Heck, a standard RT valve by itself can still fetch up to $150, I sold one earlier this summer.
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BUY IT !!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by NONOBLITUS View Post
BUY IT !!!!!!!!!!!
Have a Grateful Day!

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Buy it. If you don't i will track him down.
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Micrag, rt, warp feed left, revy remote line

Tank is most likely dead but even throwing that out, it's a really good deal

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Thanks all ! I let my co-worker know "You can probably get more than $170 for this" and he just wants it out of his garage.
Deal done !
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