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Suggestions on mask for large head.

Looking for recommendations on a decent mask for a large head. I had an Dye I3 years back and that was really small. I really like the look of the 4's and 5's but im suspecting they are small as well. Also wear glasses, so that makes life harder.

I tried searching the forums for a buyers guide/recommendations, but everything i came across was from a few years back...

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I4 are tiny i5/ are bigger

The push is small

Look into an empire E Flex. They’re huge and you could fit your glasses in.

You should also look into this little attachment that fits inside the mask that lets you clip some lenses in. That way you don’t have to worry about your glasses getting squished. The military uses them in gas masks.
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Ok I'm in the same boat as you are I've got a huge head and wear glasses. The best I have found so far is using a jt proflex and using a prescription adapter from . It's a prescription insert that mounts right behind your lenses. It is a game changer honestly check it out.
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I've got a decent sized head, and also wear glasses - I love my Profilers.
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Helix based masks would be your best bet in my opinion.
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Large head and glasses here. Originally, I wore E-Vents and Proflexes when I played, they were large enough to accompany my glasses with no issues, and provided enough protection to my face for me to be happy.

Just coming back in to playing I searched online and checked out my local shop.

I tried on i4s, Profits, and EVSs. Profits and i4s were light, and in the Profits case incredibly comfortable, but were really close to my face and too small for my tastes, leaving the sides of my face exposed and my chin when open. The EVS had excellent coverage, but my ears were pretty uncomfortable and from the pictures just a tad too big for the mask.

Researching online I read the the majority of big heads with glasses liked the Vio Extend and the E-Flex, since Flexes had the good lower coverage I liked and the E-Vents had the goggle system that I liked, It was a no-brainer for me to get the system that has the best of both.

That said, the Extends do look very nice, along with having a modular system for swapping lowers in size and color, which I find very appealing. I'm going to continue looking for a pair to try on, but for now will go with what I know I'm comfortable with.

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Don't do i4/5

They use the same lens so they are very similar fit wise

E-vents or e-flex is great for you

My father in law has a big head, glasses and a decent beard to boot, e flex works great for him

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The Flex is the go-to mask for fitting like a mask should fit... if that makes sense.

When I wore glasses (pre-lasers), I loved the Flex masks for the room provided.

I have a big head, and I love my Grill, but it's not for anyone with glasses. The Grill fits so close that everything I say/yell/communicate echoes back deafening loud in my own mask. It's not a deal breaker, but absolutely noticeable.
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I have a large head. My preferences are:

JT Flex, whatever takes the Spectra lens, get the new batch that doesn't flake
Profilers OR Grillz
Bunkerkings CMD (outstanding with Glasses. Like, serious amazing)
Dye I5 (this one fits the tightest to my face)

I want to try the PUSH Unites. Felt great in the staging area, but yet to play a few games with one
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