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I got sick of pumping at the speedball field myself. Pop up, snapshoot, pop back down. "Hit!"

All's good and well till I then hear: "HIT THE SNAKE! HIT THE SNAAAKE!!"

Next thirty seconds all I hear is BAPBAPBAPBAPBAPBAPBAPBAP till someone charges up and bunkers me.
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Woot, I got myself sigged. Though the concept of the line is not original to me. I am also waitign to hear how this all plays out.

May your shots be deadly and your tactics devastating.
The Man's Prayer: "I am a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess."
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I'll also be eager to hear the after action report.

It's kind of funny how much pumps just get singled out sometimes. People either totally underestimate them and ridicule, or do the exact opposite and make a big deal about "watching out for the guy with the pump".

I recall one incident when I showed up at a field with a group of people and I was the only one playing with a pump. It was kind of fun when they picked "the guy with the pump" for a team before the rest of my group with the semis got picked. Completely uncalled for because I totally suck with either a pump or semi.
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