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So I got bored and watched a video from Diomedes on youtube who's a member on here. His video was why he "doesn't shoot Semi." I found it to be very interesting based on his point of views and why we should grow the sport and help new players to enjoy the sport but also challenge ourselves who have been paint balling for some time. As I begin to think about it. I was thinking about tossing my CS1 up for sale. I do use it but I don't play tourney ball, if anything I try to use my collection of other markers (7 or so now) in a year to get some field time. I feel that the CS1 slower marker than a g6r when I want to get on it at in the backyard. I have trigger control and try to play conservative since I play pump half the time i go out. So I guess I'm asking is, who only plays pump or pump and mech? Should I sell the CS1? whats your thoughts? CS1 is my only electronic semi besides an old Bushmaster b2k project I'm working on.
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I'd love to see the video... Got a link?
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Originally Posted by ChoSanJuan View Post
I'd love to see the video... Got a link?
EDIT: I do not know that this is the particular referred to video. It's just the one I found based on Darwin's titles.

Uhm, perhaps this one?

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X group should never use X is completely silly.

Odds are, an experienced player like you said, will have much better control and trigger discipline. The more I age, the more I am coming to realize how GREAT it is to have a modern electro. I can shoot it just as slow as my automags, it weighs less than a mag and empty Revvy with a full Rotor, and if I need to call upon the gods of double trigger blitz I can do so.
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I play mostly pump, but when i play mech it is usually something old like a pro-lite.
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the mods here suck...
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I honestly can barely stand most of the mods here, and don't even get me started on the f***ing Canadian ones.
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Asking for brass on MCB is like going to the grocery and saying "Looking for food, you guys have any"?
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95% of the time, I play rec ball and new players are mixed in. It's insane to introduce people to a sport with experienced players also having a mechanical advantage. There is something ungentlemanly about the setup. It doesn't feel polite, right, or sportsmanlike to walk out with a better mask, gun, and paint. The new players already feel intimidated, and it's our job to at least make them feel welcome.
I don't see how an experienced player gets any healthy form of satisfaction by outgunning new players. It's ok to be outgunned by other experienced players. Shooting them is where the best satisfaction comes from.
Diomedes is right. Here are my exceptions:
*. The experienced player is old or has a disability.
*. The experienced player makes up for using his favorite gun by being a huge help to new players and using trigger control.
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Keep a modern electro for scenarios/big games.
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I don’t ever use electro for rec play. With the exception of a few big games I rarely feel the need anymore then an open class pump. But for rec I’m running something stick fed unless the field has crappy paint.

My favorite thing is shooting paint hosers in the face while handicaping myself with limited paint setups. But that’s my style I don’t hold it against anyone that wants to shoot a ton of paint as long as they got respect for the game. Don’t over shoot, Don’t cheat, take it easy on new players to the sport. You know be respectful, Don’t be a douche bag. We have a guy at my local field he runs one of those back pack loaders that holds like a case or something he shoots so much paint it’s crazy he’s got like two tanks in line and some electro with a hose going to the feedneck he gets shot out all the time but never over shoots anyone and is a actually super fun to play against. That’s his style find yours and don’t worry about the rest.

As for selling your marker that’s a choice you have to make. I sell gear I don’t use no sense having it sit on a wall or in a case. I do keep one marker of every play style JIC I feel the need, and I play Tournament ball. So I have markers specifically set up for tournament play But that’s all I use them for.
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Ok, just watched the video...
(Assuming this is the right video)

I play about 80/20 pump:something semi/electro. According to the statements, I'm a minority as I can go out there and rip loads of paint but know that I don't need to do more than 2 on a rental. It helps that I've taken a couple under my wing and are showing them the right way to play and how to grow the sport by showing them that I've got values on the field. (Do as I do, since I can.)

I've got a few markers that can get up into the 20s but see no need to ruin anyone's day. We are no longer in the golden age so we don't build for speed anymore. Ramping has a cap. (Hell, 18v revvys can technically handle today's caps... But that's a different convo...) As long as someone isn't overshooting, I really don't see any issues with someone enjoying the gear they bought with their hard earned money.

Really, that should be the only takeaway: don't overshoot.
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If you want to keep your cs keep it. Of you want some cash in hand and a new (to you) gun, sell it.
As for experienced players only playing pump/mech. I play 90% pump and 90% rec ball (i played in one real tourney last season) and imo, it doesn't matter.what gear you use, as long as you are welcoming and helpful, the gun/tank/what have you isn't the issue. Personally when i did own higher end stuff (i only play with garbage now lol) i loved loaning it to noobs or walk-ons that hadn't yet come down with full blown paintball aids! Getting to try.out something shiny and expensive is, and it really rings with most newer players as a classy/down to earth move to be like "here, lets switch guns for a game, tlle what you think. O, and btw, that guy iver ther in the green jersey is my bud, hammer him!" Lol
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