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Dye 3-way o-rings needed!

Why do these companies have to make devices with seemingly proprietary o-ring sizes?!

I have a Dye Ultralite Autococker that is in need of some 3-way o-rings. Here's the one I have:

I've searched eBay and Google and didn't find anything. Dye's website was of no help either. Here's the dilemma:

At the local hardware store, they have 2 sizes of o-ring close to a match. One's too small and one's too large. According to standard o-ring charts, these are the right sizes too:

choice 1: 1/8" I.D., 1/4" O.D., 1/16" thick
choice 2: 5/32" I.D., 9/32" O.D., 1/16" thick
here's a comparison chart: O-ring Sizing Chart

So, is there anything in-between? The 1/8" I.D. is perfect, it seals against the shaft. But, 1/4" is too small, it leaks all around. a 5/32" I.D. is too loose on the shaft, and the outer diameter makes it stick, it's too thick. I would appreciate any help in getting some o-rings to get this cocker working again. Thanks!
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I have a whole bunch of 3 way orings. I'm sure they are all standard. Drop me a PM with your home addy and I'll toss them in an envelope. Or you can go here:
Autococker 3 Way (003) 100 Premium O-Rings - eBay (item 7232582694 end time Feb-24-08 13:01:59 PST)
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I feel your pain... I have spent the last three days trying to get o-rings for a three way. It got so bad that I have sworn off cockers forever, or for just today...maybe.
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If I'm not mistaken, Dye's 3way orings were a unique size (as in, people have replaced the entire 3way because the size can no longer be found). Hope I'm wrong though, good luck.
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Have you tried metric?

O Ring, ORings, Buna N, Metric, Buna-n O-Rings

Not to hijack, but what size are the standard 3-way shaft rings? Need to get some of those myself...

Edit: Er...-003? I assume regular BUNA will work fine?

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