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Here is sort of a "lit-up" story. One field that I frequent occasionally plays a game they call "Revolutionary War". They get all the folks stupid enough to play (this includes me), split them in half and put each team in two ranks about 50 feet from each other. First rank takes a knee. When the ref calls, "Fire!" everyone takes 1 shot. If you are hit, you lay down and the surviving players take a step forward. Continue until one team is eliminated. The last time I played, the other team had a bad day. After a few rounds, there were about 15 people on my team and 2 on the other. Instead of surrender, though, those two brave souls stood there and took it when the ref called fire.

It is really an incredible feeling to survive a round in that game. You just can't believe you didn't get hit.
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I was playing with a big rental group one day with my VSC Phantom. This one guy runs out in the open so I break one on his chest. He keeps shooting at me....and missing. So I break another one on him. He keeps shooting.

So I aimed lower and caught him in the nuts.

He stopped shooting

And fell down.

Since he had shot the ref-field owner in the nuts earlier in the day I didn't really feel all that bad about it.

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Hmm. . . I can't say I agree with ever intentionally aiming for the daddy bag. But, that's just me. . .
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my opinion on it is 'If you don't protect it, it's your own fault'
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