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no more bonus balls

I propose that we take away anything that might cause someone to bonus ball you. No more electros or even semis, no more bunkers or flanking allowed. We just line up side by side and march towards each other and get rocking on the stock class from now on. I was inspired by the DMW thread that has been locked. Too many people seem to feel that if they get outsmarted by someone they either have to bonus ball the person that got them or need to engage in physical violence to prevent this from happening again. To heck with learning from our own mistakes, lets just commit a felony to show the person who out smarted us that that is low class.
By removing any marker capable of shooting more then 1 ball a second, no more over kill. Remove bunkers and you remove the chance of some one getting behind you. To heck with thinking, lets just line up the sides shoulder to shoulder and march towards each other online until we get the signal from the game director to shoot.
When I play I don't want to have to think, I just want to shoot folks. Thinking is for school and those rocket scientist types. If I can outshoot someone then they should be glad to take the hit from an expert like me and move out. All this dodging and stuff makes me work too hard and gives me a headache from thinking too much about where they may be.
This is sarcasm if any one is too dense to realize it....
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I don't even like paintball.
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Ah yes. "Ghettysburg"! We have played many games like that. We each get 10 rounds, line up facing each other, and just shoot until everyone is out of paint. Hilarity ensues!

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Oh... I wonder who this could be...
Heebs Feedback
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I love how DMW douches want so badly to justify their douchocity! I remain steadfast in my position of counterdouche douchebaggery.
Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.
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DMW? Thread closed? Douchebaggery!?

Please clarify.


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I'm waiting till 2019 when SP's monopoly over electronics finally ends!

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My *** would hit Canada so quick that the sonic boom would be heard across the nation.
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we would have to ban all idiots to stop bonus balling, then how would fields make money, as idiots are the ones that buy 10 cases of paint to play a 2hour 3 vs 3 game
I would rather go home cheated than go home as the cheater!
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No bonus balls? That is easy, just go play lazer tag.
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Dudes - just play in servers with punkbuster enabled.
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Its not the equipment the needs to change its the mindset.

douchebags will be douchebags no matter the gear they carry.
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