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Most you've been over shot..

what the title says,

the most i took at once was 50 or so. (amazingly all to torso/gun/arms/pack, mo mask hits)
i got overshot by three guys at the same time... two with 'empire' intimidators, and one with a bouncy e-cocker.

the refs pulled two of them for overshooting and checking for ramp modes..

damn that stung that day...

in the end, there was 41 counted on my chest, arms and back, plus whatever was on my pack and marker
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I don’t know for sure, but I was covered pretty good. I was going in to bunker some young kid and he had one of those mouse click markers…. and didn’t seem to understand that you only need ONE shot to mark someone out. It was so bad that the ref had to actually jump in and shield me.
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About 6 shots... but from within about 8 feet..... the first hit me on the chest as I was laying on the ground with my gun in the air (I was out but because of the amount of fire coming at the bunker there was no way I could exit the game safely) and a guy came around the back and just hosed three of us.... as I proceeded to roll into a ball to protect my head I got stiched up the chest and on the neck..... one of the shots tore a hole in my shirt.

After the game I practically tore the guy a new first he blew me off but then he was very apologetic when he realized how he had done something really stupid.
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Worst was 13 hits during a tournament in 2001. It was only one guy shooting at me and it was during a bunkering move. Our team captain approached the refs when he saw the extent of the hits I took, I was bleeding from one hand and took some bad shots to the side of the head, neck, and back. That was not a fun tournament...
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Hummm, I would have to say at SkyBall '99. I tried to bunker the guy in the 50...I missed (using a pump) he didn't to the tune of 15 + welts that ran from the top of my pants straight up my side. I have been shot more, but that was reffing the final battle in a scenario game with about 800 players and I was on the 50!

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Six friendly fire shots from an Automag RT...starting dangerously close to my nether region and ending in my mask...
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A few years ago I was playing a rec game at CPX. There was a group of three people holed-up in a building and the ref called out, "10 seconds remaining!" I figured What the hell? and ran right through the front door. I fired three shots, one for each player, from my 98C. None of them called themselves out and all three opened up on me. I just kind of turned to the side, holding my gun hand in the air and the other in front of my cash and prizes. A ref was in the same room and was screaming, "The player is out! Stop firing!" My brother had seen me make this move and followed suit. He arrived a couple seconds later and proceeded to shoot all three of them again.

It's amazing what can happen in 10 seconds...
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You know, I've never really taken more than 6-8 at any one time. Unless you count running toward the mission objective during the final battle in a scenario with 20 seconds left in the game... Who knows how many you collect at that point.

I take that back. I got nailed 12 times by some jerk with an Angel set on 3 shot burst.

When I politely stepped over to talk to him after the game (complementing his aim actually) to mention that we had young guns on the field, and that the rules prohibited any kind of auto-fire, he looked at me like I was from Mars and said, "I didn't spend a thousand dollars on a gun to shoot one ball at a time."

Funny how after that the ref wouldn't let him back onto the field with anyone but the 2 other idiots he brought with him that day after that. Funny how he never came back to that field again either.

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I had it once where a kid and I were hiding in a trench behind a tree at the top of the hill. I look forward for one second and see two guys coming up the hill. By the time I turned around, numb-nuts had already ran down the hill, leaving me alone. I turned around again and was immeadiatly pinned down by an e-blade and a flatline r/t 98 custom. So I just laid down in the ditch and thought "$@!^er, why did he leave?". I was just getting up to go balls to the walls on them and then both of em bunkerd me. I took about 15balls to the shoulder and hip. The shoulder shots even put a hole in my t-shirt. I'd say they were within 10 feet when that happend. I still hate that kid for leaving me too.
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somewhere around 15 to one arm from about 10-15ft away. The 'kid' did not seem to understand what "out" or "hit" means. After being shot in the midsection, I called myself out. In doing I put my arm in the air to let everyone know, and I yelled "out". After doing so the 'kid' lit into me from 10-15 feet away. The cuts and bruises that was my arm took somewhere around a month to heal. The ref did nothing after my complaints. I did not go back to the field until there was new management.
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