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Originally Posted by DSA View Post
The original Easy Co.
Beer sponsorship? Beer and paintball should never go together. How irresponsible. Anyway, my old team photo:

Lol. We were sponsored by Shipyard Brewing, who supplied us mostly with beer. In hindsite, it didn't really help us win tournaments since the night before, we would get completely pissed.... then stumble in the next day, often missing the first couple games.

This photo was around 1992 or 1993? (I see cockers running vert tanks). You can see Mad Dog Morgan in the middle. Most of us had been playing since the mid 80s, so by 1993, we were a well "matured" team.

Here is one in 1993, notice we are all ragged looking. We were rather amazed we just won a tournament... never mind it was our homefield. It was enough that we could even stand up!

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The BIG Game for the time over 75 players at Camelot Camping Park in Kentville Nova Scotia, Canada in the Summer of 1991. Me and my team: The Knights of the Ball, pre Tiger Stripe Days

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Last post over a year ago? You guys are slacking ...

BUMP. This is a good thread.
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How about this, then -

AWWW.... Little scamps!

It's not a "TEAM" photo, per say... But this was my group of friends I started playing with. As near as I can figure out this was 1998, which makes us a good bit younger than ALL of the other teams I've seen posted here (no offense!)

MAN, I need to pull those Trracers out of the closet! And the REST of you pull out your photo albums!
Originally Posted by The Flounder View Post
We don't do easy here! Here we do different and not done before!
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More Tactical Assault Command photos...

Photo of the "blue team" with quite a few TAC members taken during a regular play day on Bravo Field at Strategy Plus circa 1986. Back then, over 65 people on one team was just an average day...


Our team photo in APG, and I'm unsure of the date of the issue. According to the article it says "we've been a team for over 5 years", but that would mean the article was published in '91 or '92, and I know for a fact that isn't correct. Given the other photos of constant air guns on the same page, I'd say the issue was from late '88 or '89. The 5 year claim was an obvious (to me) bit of hyperbole as we formed in 1986, and the photo was probably taken in late '87 or early '88.


Center photo of Slim and Troy in APG from the PMI/Skirmish tourney in the Poconos. Date on the page says 1989. Note the oil can hopper on the SI Bushmaster...


On Sunday, October 9th, 2011 we celebrated our 25th anniversary (1986-2011) at Strategy Plus in East Hampton, CT - one of the oldest paintball fields still in operation (est. 1983).

I'm sure they may be older teams around, but to my knowledge, we are one of the oldest teams in paintball that is still playing with over half a dozen of its original members. The best part is we only play stock-class paintball in the woods for fun (the way paintball was originally intended to be played), and some of us with the original guns we bought back when we first started playing! I'd love to find out how many other teams out there that can make that claim!

Below is a photo from our 25th anniversary Fall game with six original TAC members (Bucky, Leo, Slim Ron, Craig O and Todd), along with Jim Iuolo (owner of Strategy Plus), Charlie (who joined in '92) and Todd's daughter.


Click on the Tactical Assault Command link in my sig to check out a ton of old school photos on our TAC FB page...
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One of the oldest teams in paintball with original members still playing - Tactical Assault Command

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Just found this thread. Love it.
SWARM and Farside my all-times fav's. Great memories, love the pics. Saw the posts about John Logan. He played on my team at the 1991 IPO. great guy. We got out sh*t handed to us all weekend but it was a blast. SWARM picked up John right after that I believe. ahh..memories
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Not quite so famous but anyways, The Wombles 1995

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took it in early 2000s with my lubitell 166 medium format camera, developed it myself in my cellar. skanned and voila!
My old team "Żubry" ("Bisons"). Me standing in the middle.
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