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Game Ideas

Many of the players here play woodsball. I know some are millsim, some are stock class, some are limited ammo. I am looking for some short scenario Ideas. I play a lot of my paintball on private fields, and we make up a lot of games, and take ideas from other fields we have played at. We typically play any gun type, with an ammo cap (somewhere from 30-40 balls depending on teams and the game) Some of our typical games include:

Protect the President:
All one side has to do to win is get the president into a specific bunker to
win, all the other side has t do is eliminate the president to win.

Fox and Hound:
If a fox shoots a hound, he becomes a fox, if a hound shoots a fox the
fox is out.

Split team up by drawing cards, Black on one side, Red on the other.
Typical total elim game, but the man who draws the Jack turns sides half
way through the game when the whistle blows.

These are some of our favorites, with all the fields out there I would love to hear some of the other games people have come up with
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Kilt Club
Four corners - start at the 4 corners of a field (large field, small number of players) and play every man for himself.

Tiger hunt - One player has a semi and all the paint he chooses to carry This is the tiger. The rest of the players have pumps and 10 rounds of paint. The Tiger goes off into the play area and the hunters stalk him. This is a fun one since it's quite difficult for both groups to win.

Countdown - One player (the predator) heads into the play area and is given 3 minutes to set up his position. After the 3 minutes are up you start sending in one additional player every 60 seconds (the prey). If the predator is eliminated by any of the prey, the game is up. However, any prey eliminated by the predator BECOME predators. The game is over when either the predator is eliminated, or when the last prey is eliminated.

Risk - Start with 3-4 small teams (as small as 1 player) and begin the game like a 4 Corners. However, you can negotiate and break treaties with the other players or teams at will.
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Recently at OA we did three flag, 30-40 minute games with rejuvenation every 10 minutes. The flags are placed at different locations approximately midfield and both teams try to get all three flags to their starting station. Flags can be stolen back once they are captured until all three are in one place, when the game ends. It's definitely not a NEW idea, but it sure was fun.
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Prison Escape: One or two players have markers....everyone else does not! Obviously, the players with markers are the "guards" and the others are "escaped prisoners". The goal of the "prisoners" is to get from one side of the field to the other. The goal of the "guards" is to mark all of the "prisoners".

Terminator: One player is the "terminator", he cannot be marked out! (or alternately, has to be marked out a set (high) number of times to be out for good). Everyone else is out with just one shot. The humans must band together to eliminate the terminator. In the invincible terminator version the terminator must "give-in" for the humans to win...i.e. get tired of being marked.

Both of these games work best when it is a small group of friends who trust each other not to overshoot or bonus ball (or wipe, of course).
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Always fun to go out without hoppers and a pocket or pod full of paint. Evens the playing field no matter what kind of ROF you have with your marker. You can only put in a couple paintballs at a time.
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There's one fun game we play when we do outlaw ball (in a safe responsible, chrono'd manner of course) that we call "Feeder Monkey's".

Depending on how many people you have, you split into small groups of people. Usually 2-4 people per team. Say for this example you have 12 players, so you split into 4 teams of 3 people each. Each team is playing against all the others. When a player is shot, they go to a "dead zone". As soon as there are 3 people (or however many you have on a team), they are a new team and they go back out.

It's a good game because everyone gets to keep playing for as long as you want the game to go on.
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Cops and Robbers.

You play in a large amount of woods and the game lasts 30 minutes. The robbers can only use pistols and pumps. The cops get hopper guns. The robber team starts at one edge of the woods and in 30 minutes has to make it all the way across the feild, without loosing the "goods" (we usually use a sack of somekind filled with soda bottles). The cop team has to either elimnate all the players, shoot the "goods" 5 times, or just stop the robber team from getting to the end point. Its a great game for a pgp, just grab the sack and sprint.
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I liked the idea of a DOOM style game when this thread was in MCB. Every one starts in the middle of the field with 10 rnds in their pocket and no markers. Hidden around the field is everything from a slingshot to a semi or what ever ( mark them with some caution tape) you can only posess one marker if you find another you pick one and leave the other there. All of the markers have some paint with them and the game is total elimination free for all.
Civil war also sounded interesting- Split teams evenly. Everyone stands line abreast you must load paintballs one at a time ( you can also require they muzzleload with a squeegie) and volly fire. After each volly the teams take a step closer to each other. Hit and you're out. Total elim no time limit or hiding.

We might have to try these at my pickup games.

Paintball is fun!
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