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Saw this at Grand Finale and personally inspected it....It's made well so no one can take that away from them...I don't see a use for it in my play...but others might...
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two identical barrels to switch if you broke a ball could be helpful once in a while. Other then that I don't see much of a point.
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Wow, bunch of haters... I don't even own a tippmann but I think woodsball players would love this: toss a flatline on one end, freak on the other, flatline for a while at long range, as you get closer switch to the freak, break a ball and you can squeegee out while still shooting. What's the downside (besides additional weight)?

Makes me want to pick up a tippmann
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Well there's really no downside... maybe bulkier, money it costs to buy (cant be much though).

So yeah, like others, I wouldn't ever use it but its a great idea and well executed.

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As long as both barrels are within legal velocity, I can't see a problem with it. Neat idea, but not that practical imo.
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It doesnt look too bad. Pretty cool actually...I see alot of milsim folks liking that as was mentioned with a flatline combo.

On the flipside I can see speedball folks using this for a quick barrel switch for breaks.


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easier to clean a barrel break with it than without it too. just flip it, keep shooting until you get a few seconds and throw a pull-thru thru it. (that way you don't have to mess with swabs at all
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Originally Posted by DFSniper View Post
thats why i bring my own balls. and if they dont play nice, i play with myself.
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Originally Posted by J0UN1N View Post
easier to clean a barrel break with it than without it too. just flip it, keep shooting until you get a few seconds and throw a pull-thru thru it. (that way you don't have to mess with swabs at all
That's what I see as being the biggest advantage to this system. It lets you use a pull-through without even putting the gun down.

Or who knows? Breechload a couple cottonballs and shoot them and the mess out of the barrel instantly.

Plus, it looks really, really cool.

One downside to people who already own A5s is that it's spyder-threaded.
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Originally Posted by Gabe View Post
chrono so one barrel shoots well and the other has low velocity.
and as a ref, these types of things are always a bit frightening. In that, it puts more of a burden on the refs to spot them, and know they require a special chrono procedure.

The Apex itself already has a special procedure. (The ramp needs to be completely off for chrono).

It this ever became popular, it would likely get an infamous rep as a cheater device.

however, someone at the 'Guild mentioned that it might be far more useful as a single-barrel, but still be able to swing, for EASY cleaning.

Thats not a bad idea. inline guns have always had a harder time with breaks then stacked guns. Instead of the removable bolt, you had tilting barrels, access ports, and removable breaches. This idea would be ad adaption to that old 68-Special tilt mod.

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This would be great for man-whores,no need to pull off your condom between HO's just strap this puppie on and ROTATE!

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