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Gauging interest for a Custom 68cal Pump Shotgun

So I have been playing with a design for a shotgun style marker. I have a design that I believe will fit the bill, at least for the design features that I was going for.

Please keep in mind that this is a preliminary design, it has not been developed into a set of finished drawings. This is just basically what I use to determine if I can fit all the components I need into a given space, as well as determining if it is possible to manufacture it the way I would like it.

This has only the most basic of cosmetic features, and they are really not to scale. For example the grip frame is a WAG, I know that it is likely not even close to what is readily available. Its just for looks.

My thoughts for this design were:
1. 12gram powered
2. Bottom spring fed, in keeping with the operation of a shotgun
3. 68 cal
4. accepts some form of standard shotgun grip/ stock accessory
5. lever pierce of the 12 gram because I hate screwing in quick changes
6. integrated 12 gram assembly ( a dummy adapter could allow CA to be used)
7. removable cocker threaded barrel
8. easily accessible ball loading with 10rnd tubes or similar.
9. fore stock pump action like a real shotgun
10. The general look and feel of a shotgun
11. a détente system
12. A Sheridan valve train, with the benefits of removal like a spyder valve.
13. 20+ rounds per reload

The following is what I came up with. It incorporated the features that I wanted. This really just gives you a feel for what it will look like, it includes a lot of work on the inside to make all of those features work together effectively.

If there is sufficient interest in this product, I am planning on building a working prototype. This will allow me to develop a fully functional limited production model without having to debug it while building a customer part.

I plan on manufacturing as a complete functional marker. Little or no customer options will be available for the production model. Any custom changes will have to be handled after production of all units is complete. I would like to offer individual options, but I believe most small order production runs suffer from option death. The cost of the project exceeds the price because the production items become "one of's".

The price point for this will likely be between $600-$700, based on what I see is needed for manufacturing and purchased parts. This is contingent on no huge surprises during the prototype phase ( you never know when Murphy will strike).

I already have the equipment, facilities and experience to take on this project. What remains is a customer need for the product.

By posting information in this thread I am not relinquishing any rights to the intellectual property involved in the developement of this marker. The design and manufacture was my idea, and I intend to maintain that ownership. By posting this information I am not authorizing anyone to reverse engineer, reproduce, or manufacture the components or ideas involved in this design.

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Sweet design Dukie.
Heebs Feedback
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Post Whore
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want! would rather have nelly internals though
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Let me know when this happens. I'll stand in line in the cold poring rain.

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You're already miles ahead of my idea, and definitely have a way better chance of getting one to the table. AND you're planning on Sheridan-style, which is better then everything. I'm so down for one.
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Originally Posted by doc Zox View Post
I like it! You didn't get that at S-Mart...
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Use to be here a lot
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I'd probably be interested depending on how the final product came out.
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Interesting concept. I'd love to see more of it.

Andry : )

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Tagging this thread. Its a nice idea and I hope you go through with it. Good luck.
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