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Cheating is bad... M'kay?
Dabbling in the recreational paintball arts since 1991.
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If I get hit in a spot where I'd have to be a contortionist to check myself and no one else is there to check I'll just walk. Its not important enough to risk a reputation hit on.
I suppose I could take up yoga and then be able to perform a thurough check on myself anytime, but that would probably conflict with my beer gut.

Anyway, the part about the kid with the extra whippersnappers so he could change on the field when he'd get gogged, thats just insane. First insane for wearing whipersnappers (those might protect your nose and mouth, but so much for your temple, ears, chin, cheeks.)
If I saw that kid I don't think I'd play, or if he pulled that crap on the field while I was playing I'd kick him in the butt untill he'd leave, because that just shouldn't be tolerated. And the funny thing is that I'd be doing him a favor!
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Anyway, about the Whippersnappers. You have to remember this was 91 or 92, so there was no such thing as full head gear. Most of us were using PGPs, Splatmasters and TASO Spartans. He was spoiled and actually was the first one with a semi, a L7 Mag. We actually had to come up with rules capping his ROF. Guess we should sue the PSP for stealing our idea.

We were all friends, and knew he was the stereo-typical only child. Spoiled. We just viewed it as kind of a 'Manny being Manny' thing (look, a Red Sox reference coming from a devout Yankee fan). Heck, his parents gave him a $100 a week allowance for doing nothing. He also had a friend who paid him to hang-out with him, and he exploited that to the fullest extent. It was sad then, even sadder now. Within 5-7 years of HS graduation (1991), he was working on his 3rd divorce.

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I have wiped before, but it was something I thought was kind of necessary. I was shot out by my own teammate (he was 1 foot from me and had his gun aiming at the ground, it shot my shoe) within the first minute of the game. Seeing how games around here are 15-20 minutes, I didn't want to sit out for some stupid mistake.
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My Feedback Thread[/SIZE][/SIZE]
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Originally Posted by ustilago
I've been accused of cheating. It's not my fault someone can empty a hopper at me and not hit me. I've never wiped. I'll usually call myself out on a bounce. If I feel a hit, I'm out.
I don't believe in shooting hot or ramping anything either.
Same here...

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Sure I've wiped, but not obvious hits. I know when I'm gogged, or its right there on my chest its time to go out. If its just a little barely hit my arm thing I may wipe it, depending on if I feel like staying in or not...

But I've inadvertently cheated in reball a lot of times. Its hard to tell gun hits then they just bounce off. And it takes a few seconds for you to register a mask hit, you just see it for a fraction of a second, and then you don't.

Most of the time I'm good about going out when I'm hit. I hardly ever intentionally wipe.

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Well..... Can I plead the fifth.
I have on occasions. Mainly in tournaments. I had big problems with other people doing it, but since I could'nt stop it I figured fair is fair. I must repent for my sins! In woodsball, no-way. money is not on the line. And your just there to have fun.
We were at a big game about a month ago. In my group there were a couple of Pro's, Ams, and others throughout the ranks of tournament paintball, and we were probably the only ones not wiping. I think wiping is pretty silly if you ask me. Even in tournaments.
Boy, the next words out of your mouth better be some brilliant Mark Twain S**t. Cuz it's definately gettin chisled on your tombstone.

Had it been a blind body and not blue I would of jumped on it like an eithiopian on a steak dinner.

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Never cheated but was accused big time once.

I was playing at OA once and got hit on my visor and didnt feel it. The ref about 100 ft away is pointing at me and yelling something I cant hear because a vector is going off right next to me. So I reach up rub my hand over the visor to check for paint and a ref behind me comes up and starts to scream at me calling me a "wiper". I tried to explain it to him that I didnt know I was hit and was checking it but he wouldnt quit. Then the ref that was down teh field comes up and both of them are screaming at me. So I pick up a few 10rd tubes I used and left the field. After the game I went up to the refs and talked to them. I explained my side of the story and they apologized and so did I for not going out(because I didnt know I was hit).
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