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Tippmann Propane C3

So I just found out about Tippmann’s C3, and I’m curious to find out what the general consensus is. For those of you that haven’t heard of it before there’s a good article about it here:

Anybody get a chance to fire or play with one? Anybody think that they’ll be playing with propane in the future?
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I have heard good and bad... but... nothing special about them really.. Alot of people bought them... played with them.. and sold them.
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My impression upon handling one was that it was really clumsy. They're quite tall, and with the hopper on them rediculously so. The pump stroke is long and kind of rough. Not hard mind you, but not smooth either.

The side of the gun gets warm to the touch after sustained rapid firing. I suggest going to your local pb store and trying one. It's definitely something that would take some getting used to.
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Several fields do not allow them due to insurance reasons.
Just something to check into before buying.
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I was thinking about buying one, decided against it though. The one thing that really put me off about the gun is that you can't take out the barrel without tearing open the gun. So if you have a break, unless you have a swab your SOL. The other thing is that they haven't made any upgraded barrels yet and since the stock barrel isn't the best, on accuracy, you are also SOL. The final thing is that unless you have a lot of experience with paintball guns, they can be a pain to maintain. Just a few things for you to think about.
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