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Oh, It's him
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Fan of EMR
I jumped over a bunker, not knwoing there was a 6 foot drop on the otherside of it. Lucky for me there was a nice pile of thicker bushers to soften the fall. my legs arms and back got pritty scratched up, and I was picking thorns out for the better part of the next few days.

and brewt, why so white?
Originally Posted by greenmtnphantom View Post
Brim fall down go boom. Split his head open on a rock. I'm wondering if the rock is ok.
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Originally Posted by Brimstone
and brewt, why so white?
SONOFAPOOPER! You bastard.

Me+sun=red/painful skin. Stupid sun.

Kinda funny... I install solar(photovoltaic) systems for a living.
Dabbling in the recreational paintball arts since 1991.
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Well yesterday at Sac Pump Day, I took a nut-shot right off the break in my 1st game...

I have a scar similar to Brewt's on my right shoulder. About a year ago at the aforementioned SPD, one round it was down to me vs. Craig Palmer and his wife Mae. Craig was posted on me about 15' away to my right, and Mae's butt was sticking out of her bunker about 25' in front of me. She was still a bit new at this so I didn't want to shoot her in the butt but everytime I tried to snap-shoot Craig he'd auto-trigger his Houndstooth and keep me tucked. So I yelled 'Craig you better stop shooting at me or I'll shoot your wife'. That's when he jumped out from behind his bunker and sent one into my shoulder. Of course a tank-top doesn't provide much protection so for a few weeks I had a bloody ring on my shoulder that's turned into a circular white patch that won't tan.

Oh yeah, after he shot me he came over and said 'nobody threatens my wife'.
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broken arm at d-day '04...
i was running, tripped on something, heard a "snap" when i hit the ground (like "snap" a pencil in half)...
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Shattered my ankle at my old field. I tried pulling an indoor slide, outside, down hil, NOT wearing boots, and into a slight ditch apparantly.Broke it in 2 places, and dislocated the socket. Snapped the Fibula (sp) right in half, and broke the inner part of my Tibia's socket. Took 9 screws and a plate to put me back together. Worst part was it was the first game... first 30 seconds and I hadn't played for 6 months...

I still wanted to play... it was sad.
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I've been lucky enough not to get hurt very bad playing paintball. I think its interesting that most of the "bad" injuries reported here are not so muched directly caused by paintball, but by running around in the woods in general.

My worst injury happened quite a few years ago. I was playing in the woods near a friends house and found myself semi-pinned down behind a smallish tree. I saw a very large tree not to far away and decided to make a mad dash for it. Unfortunately, I did not notice the strand of ancient, rusty barbed wire that was about knee high off the ground a few yards in front of said tree. I hit the wire going full speed and it made contact with my shin just below my knee. A spectacular forward flip ensued. My mask and equipment all went flying. My pant leg was completely shredded, but the scrape on my leg was surprisingly not too bad, it was mostly just an abrasion with very little actual broken skin. I think I continued playing after I collected my scattered equipment.

I do also have a scar on my left arm from being shot point blank on the bare skin a year ago, but I think its cool and was proud of the blood at the time. If anything, it pumped me up for more crazy bunkering.
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Worst I've done is stand up into a tree limb...and then I quickly sat down. That darn near knocked me out.

Other times I've run to go around a tree and end up wrapping myself around the tree because I've caught a knee on the tree.... same has happened with structures.... not having peripheral vision with gog's really sucks when you have such long limbs as I do... when you are 6'-3"... the angle of vision from the goggles is much more restricted then for you shorter people....yeah that's what it is
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Worst, directly from paintball was I was running in the winter got shot from 10-15 feet away in the inside upper part of my leg. From a gun that we found out later on the velocity screw was lose. Way over 300, I got hit and I went down, as if my leg has just been removed.

Another time I was in a full run (also in winter) stepped in a hole knee went forward and bashed off a rock. I couldn't walk, the game lasted over lasted over an hour. I crawled the rest of the game.
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Nothing bad... yet. But with my ankle, who knows. As of now, the worst I've had I recieved last saturday. I was playing at a local field with a bunch of friends, one of which had an Ion. So were into the second or third match and since were playing with alot of walkons, none would move. So me and Bryce (good friend) decided to flank the left. I was running point and I was just about to turn and slide in a bunker when... WHAP x8. Two people, one rental and the Ion kid were already there. The string of paint started at my knee (x1), my waist (x4) and my bare forearm (x3). I had two big bloody welts from where the Ion hit me on the arm. Whats worse is he never chrono'd and I know he was shooting way hot. Many unpleasant words followed "HIT!".
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i got shot on my jaw line (cold + winter fill chronic+ looking around with a profiler on= bloody face).

it didnt bleed to bad but it hurt pretty bad... and i think it was the only time i ever shed blood from a directly pb related thing.
Matt Athayde
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