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I have had a few injuries but I will start with worst first:

[flashback mode]
It few years ago.... Every year my family on my dad's side has a cabin up in maine that they stay at for 2 weeks. Now when I say maine, I mean pretty far up there. About 5 hours noreast of Portland. The closest town is called Machias which is about 1 hour and 1/2 away from our place ONCE we get on the road. But getting to the road is not easy. The driveway is dirt, rocks and hills that is traveled on a few times a year but only 5 miles long. The closed people to use were across a 10 mile lake or about 3 miles on foot. It takes about 45 mins to get down the road to the cabin. Now with a caravan of about 6 cars/vans and trucks it is still hard. We live in a cabin, no running water or power and it is the life for 2 weeks every august. We are on a huge lake and its paradise. We shoot guns, swim, boat, hunt fish all day long.

Ok so here is what we decided that year. My cousin and I were the only ones who were pretty seriuos about paintball and we still had about 5 people with guns plus all my loaners. It came out to about 12 people. We had 2 loaners left. So we decide to play the 3rd day of vaction there. On the second night, we are all sitting around the fire and suddenly we hear voices down the road and then these 2 old guys(in thier 60s) come up to use and we invite them toi sit and chill with us. After hours of talking somoene mentioned paintball and invited them to play with us. The next day we all meet at this small island on the lake to play which is sized about 7 square acres. They had all thier own gear. The first game a few people including our new "friends" sat out. The next game is when all hell broke loose.

We played by normal rules but the no shoot from less than 10 feet. We all chronoed in at around 270 and we used some old paint. The new guys brought thier own. For that game it was the new guys, a few of my cousins, myself vs the rest of the people. The teams were even. At teh break of the game, one of our new "buddy" decided to come up behind me and my cousin and just start unloading on the two of us. Point blank We did not understand it and I tried to shoot back but those shots hurt way too much. Seconds later another cousin on my team grabbed the shoots guns and tears it out of his hands. The game was called and everyone came to see what happened. I look over and notice my cousin(the one who was hit allong with me) was out cold. At first I thought he was dead. I managed to get away with only a few bad bruises on my upper back and arm. My uncle who saw the whole thing happened was about to literally kill the new guy but we did restain him. Then a big fight raged on as we loaded my hurt cousin into the car to get him to the hospital. My one aunt is a nurse and it took her 15 mins to get out of the driveway and 45 mins to get into town and to the med. center.

My entire back and arm were purple and my cousin had been out for 3 hours and had much worst bruises. We called in the authorites and the guy we were playing with was charged with some assault charge. That was definatly the MOST painful and frightening time I have ever played paintball.
[/flashback mode]

Whoa that was long.
I have had and seen some other pretty bad injuries.

Last week while eveyrone was enjoying castle, I was play at a local field, I broke/badly sprained my foot and it still hurts like a monkey.

I have seen a guy try sliding into a bunker on his stomach and when staright through it. I thought he broke his neck but then he just got up and walked off.
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Mostly I've just gotten the typical cuts and bruises, missing skin from my knees, etc.

My worst "injury" though was last summer during a local Xball tournament. We were tied with another team at four wins each, going into the last match of the game (it was first to 5). It got down to just me in a center can vs. one guy on the other team in the snakem, about 30 feet away. We snap shot each other for a bit, and he finally got a ball on me, right on my mask, but for some reason it hurt a lot more than normal and I tasted blood immediately. The ball somehow went right through the slit on my Profiler and impacted me fully right under the nose, giving me two fat/cut lips and a fairly bad bloody nose.
I immediately got off the field and tore my mask off, yelling for the refs to check his gun. I guess the blood convinced them, so they chrono'd his almost 320 fps. Thanks to this, they lost the game, we won, and eventually came in 2nd in the tournament.

A little while later...I had already cleaned a little blood off

Inside of my mask
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I still have a faint welt scar from over a year ago. I was reffing at my field, and crossing to do a paint check on a player. Just as I stepped in front of a bunker that was hiding a player, whom I did not know was in there he was so quiet, he stuck out his angel and unleashed a string of about 10 balls point blank into the inside of my left knee. You know the tender fleshy part just above the joint. Blood, screams the whole nine yards. Limped the rest of the day.It sucked.
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Ran, slid... foot dug into the dirt, snapped 2 bones in my leg.

kept me from paying for 3 months.
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My worst injuries playing paintball are definatly not as bad as some here but they are the worst I have incurred while playing.

The first time I really got hurt while playing was in 1989. I used to wear shop goggles with a woodstalker mask, of course I had cut the top of the mask out so it would ventilate. During the first 5 minutes of one game, I was out lone wolfing it, when I ran into 10 players(or so) from the other team. They actually got the drop on me and when I first heard shots I dove for cover. As I dove a paintball entered through the top of my mask and hit the inside corner of my left eye. Well head shots didnt count at that field back then and I could still see out of my right eye so I got up and started running. Blood and paint were running out of my left eye and with one eye still working I had no depth perception. I ran about 50 feet when I caught a tree branch about 4" in diameter across the goggles and knocked me flat. I got up again and started running only to run into another large branch, I then once again got to my feet only to fall into a ditch in between a couple of pine trees and some sort of thorny bush. I laid there catching my breath and soon heard the other team walk up on my position. I heard them discussing me and they couldnt understand where I went, mentioning that I just seemed to vanish. They moved past my position and headed toward my base. I waited another minute or 2 and then crawled out of the ditch and followed the opposing players, this time slowly. I arrived at my base to find it under full out assault, then partially blind, I walked around barrel tagging out 5 opposing players before the game time was up. No permanent damage was done to my eye, but I did have a black eye and blurry vision for about a week after. Of course I didnt go to the doctor.
Within a month I did buy a new pair of JT thermal goggles.
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My worst has to be the scar that I recieved when the F-1 Illistrator came to market. The getleman using it decided to paint my crotch.
Painfull memories.....
When I first started playing I was young enough that wearing a cup was pretty much useless. After awhile I decided to start wearing one. I Saw a hair or two.
Then one day we went out to the local field and I had forgot it at home. Well, at 2:32 and 57 seconds it happened. I was laying behind a log that was a bit to small and a guy on the other team took the bad shot, or 11. Let just say that most of them found their way to my lower extremeties! I had to crawl off the field through the mud of March to the staging area. Actually draging myself through the cold mud felt pretty good. It was the end of my day. But the swelling was pretty amazing!
Well when the swelling went down. About a week later. It revieled a nice raised scar that to this day I still have. I believe that I was 13 at the time. Do you know how hard that is to convince girls in high school about that!
I could post a picture but that would be really inappropriate.
I do not think that I have worn a cup since that day. I feel if you worry about it to much, it's bound to happen again and again. I may need therapy.
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My worse? Has got to be when I tripped while running with a flag in a woodsball game, the barrel went into the ground, the tank into my stomach. I went rolling of course and just sat there dazed while the others were still shooting at me!

Crawled off the course and threw up. . .
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