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Stores and barrel socks

Here's a question for those of you who buy guns new from paintball stores, or those who run paintball stores. When you purchase a new marker, does it come with a barrel condom/sock ? I ref at my local field, and we have a reciprocal arrangement with the local paintball store. If people ask us where to buy a new gun, or have theirs fixed we recommend the store. When they sell a new gun there, they give them a coupon for a free day of play at our field. This is all well and good, but the thing that bugs me about it is that when the store sells guns, they don't give the player a barrel sock with it. So when the players come to our field, they almost never have a barrel blocking device and we have to loan them one for the day. Of course we tell them they need to have one, and most of them go buy one soon after. But wouldn't it make sense if you were a paintball store to either give them out, or at least tell people that they need to buy one ? Heck you could even get a bunch of barrel socks made up with the store name and logo on them and give them away with gear to get free advertising. What do you think ?
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Safety devices should be a given, possibly from the manufacturer of the paintball gun. I guess you could compare that to a car company seling you a vehicle without seatbelts. The last 2 guns that I bought new both came with barrel socks(WGP and Smart Parts)
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Seat belts are part of the car. Barrel wraps are NOT a part of a marker.

A more accurate analogy would be a motorcycle and a helmet. Do motorcycle shops give helmets away when you buy a motorcycle?

Most markers I have seen come with at least a cheap plastic barrel plug. But I believe stores should promote the player buying a good quality bag/wrap. Many fields now only allow bags/wraps anyways. And the store would make an additional sale.

But for folks who think wraps should be simply given away… I disagree. Do you give away masks as well? Wraps cost money to make or to buy. And as someone who makes and sells them, I can tell you that they are NOT free items.

As for having a bunch made up and giving them away as free advertising…. If you think that is such a good idea, why doesn’t your field do that? Simply put in most cases is isn’t cost effective. Heck you are complaining about LOANING wraps but say stores should give them away? That doesn’t make much sense.

The solution to your problem is an easy one though… carry bags/wraps at your field and make the customer buy one if they want to play at your field and don’t have a plug or wrap. That is what most fields do so I don’t understand what the issue is. Take advantage of the situation instead of complaining about it.
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Most companies are beginning to sell barrel bags with their markers now anyhow. I think this issue will go away sooner rather than later as stock of the older guns depletes and the newer stuff gets phased in. I'm surprised too that it's taken this long though.
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