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I got sick of working on my guns at the field, and carrying a ton of stuff, so I always tech my guns the night before if needed. Reballs are my friend. The only tools I take to the field depend on the gun I'm shooting, but usually just velocity adjustment tools if needed.
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It's a toolbox with mostly tools and other random bits, a tacklebox with springs, orings, and screws plus air parts, and a toolbox with just extra marker parts. All this comes with me to every game, just in case.

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I'm really surprised no one posted a photo of theirs girls va-JJ here given the title.

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Wow I gotta say, you guys have some nice field kits. I've gotten lazy the last few years and bring less and less stuff with me to the field, I'm at the point all I bring now is my Retro with a couple choices of barrels, a towel, a barrel swab, and my gear including SC belt/12 grams/tubes. The towel of course replaces the need for any kind of tools, parts kits, etc.
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^ I see what you did there

I still bring a ton of stuff. It all fits nicely in one of those wheeled tool chests though. Nice and tall to with a flat top to work on. It's really handy and keeps everything secure. I have enough spares to rebuild the innards of all my guns (right now just two of them), so that if anything breaks I can swap in new parts and be back on the field as quick as possible.

Even when I get my Retro I will still pack a ton of Nelson spare parts and two or three of every O-Ring.
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Just a sheridan valve tool and 2 allen keys. And I don't really need 'em.

When I used nelsons I needed lots of crap though. Thankfully it was just a phase I was going through.
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The only tools what I using on "field" to work on markers are:
- barrel cleaners (piece of cloth on whipcord or with woodern or plastic rod)
- one allen wrench or screwdriver with alternative hammer spring or hammer
...and that commonly only for planed chrono tests for marker tunning

When I have fail on marker in game I swich him simply for spare PGP - it is better carry small spare stockgun than all possible tools and parts for all possible repairs.

The small tools and alternative parts (springs, o-rings, screws) what I having home are separated in many small paper crates. They taking space at least four paint boxes... I can not photograph them easily because "chaos is creative".
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Here's my toolbox when I play stock class:

And even then, I forget it at home a lot.

Seriously, that's about it. Allen wrenches, some plummer's tape (for leaky air lines, etc), and a couple tank o-rings is really all I need.

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This Gun case also works as my tool box. As you can see a Flat Blade Screw Driver and some Allen Key's, what you don't see is replacement O-Rings for both my Open Class & Stock Class Sterling's and replacement Valves (upper left pocket).


Started with a Splatmaster, moved onto a Nelspot 007, then came the Autocockers, then a STERLING Pump, next was a Bob Long defiant then a PM7. As of now I have 10 Sterling Pumps, 2 Phantoms for SC, a CCM SS-25, a PGP and a Sovereign 3.

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I agree with Hawkeye. I completely strip my guns down and inspect every thing about them after a day of play. Its relaxing to me. And I know my guns work every time I go to play then.
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