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Perfect Paintballs, how much would you pay?

There seems to be some market for the range and accuracy improvement of a First Strike 'paintball' over the standard fair, even at 75c a shot.

Given the variable quality of gelatin paintballs, it seems especially recently, how much would you pay for consistent size, perfectly spherical balls preferably that have a long shelf life and aren't affected by heat and humidity so much (I'm guessing these would be non gelatin).
If you could be confident ( money back gaurentee?) that every box you bought was the same quality as the best paint you ever bought.

They'd have the same range as any other paintball, just a more predictable to shoot, 5c a ball 10c?

I know I shoot a lot less with accurate paint, but I'm a tight wad too, I can see myself shelling out twice the price, for gauranteed good stuff. 6c a ball, $120 a 2000 case.

I think this is where Tom Kaye was going with Perfect Circle, but I'm going to guess the economics didn't work out, the number of people who want better paint is small, a lot of people just want cheaper paint to sling more of it.

( I came up with this at the end of a discussion on UMS and have posted the same there, but thought it would get a good airing here too.)
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I pay 10 cents or 6 cents a ball anyway, so that would be a pretty good deal.
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I would pay the extra for a perfect paintball when I comes to pump play.

When it comes to mowing down the field with my electro, I just buy the cheapest paint. I KNOW I'm going to shoot a case or more, and frankly don't care if a ball bounces off someone or not. I'm just out there for fun.

Pump I take a bit more serious, and need to ball to break on target.
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^Agreed, the only problem with making better paint is that you are going to sell less of it. Pump play is great when you have good paint... if you are trying to shoot limited paint and that paint is terrible, it just makes for a bad day. And whats paintball if your not having fun?
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I pay for 4c paint regularly, most of the fields I have seen are about 5-6 c a ball. If this stuff was .689, had a good fill, ect, I'd pay 6c/b for it easy.
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i'd pay ~$50 a bag if it was a perfectly consistant .689 or so, and broke well.

i play pump pretty much exclusively, and only go through about a bag a day, so it'd be worth the money if it was perfect paint.
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I'd pay good money for 100% reliable consistent paint.
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Didn't Tom Kaye prove in the development of Perfect Circle (perfectly round, no seams, consistant ball to ball) that there was no perceivable advantage?
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I'd probably pay that much for good paint. However, it must be a good fill color, yellow/orange is boring =D No white either... I feel like a douche for the mess it makes for people to clean... even more so when I go against some guys who have the Mrs. do the laundry... =[
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I wouldn't pay more than 5c a ball for any paint by choice.

As for fill colour, I like pink myself, and nice and thick. Easy for everyone to see, and hard to wipe off.
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