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Paintball outside the U.S.?

Many of us (through no fault of our own) are so America-centric in our thinking, that it is easy to forget there are paintballers 'outside' of the United States. Many of us have seen teams from Russia (Russian Legion) or the UK (Ton Tons), but where do other paintballer get to play around the world? I've seen a few websites for paintball places even as far as Israel, but we never hear much about any paintball overseas.

After speaking with a nice guy on POG from the Czech Republic (who purchased some items from me), he mentioned he was buying one of the new Grey Ghosts, and it sparked my interest...

Who plays paintball outside of the U.S.? What are the primary styles of play (Stock class, speedball, recreational)? Do you play scenarios or big games like we have in the U.S.? What types of paintball markers do you play with, and what are the most common ones you see overseas? How many fields are there in your area? Is paintball just beginning to grow, and is there much interest?

I know those are a lot of questions, and I'm assuming that anyone from a foreign country who is reading this can read/write English, so it certainly is not all-inclusive of overseas players, but I'd like to hear any responses or information anyone has. Thanks!
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First of, Yes we play paintball overseas

There is a lot of import on paintball gear from the US. So we use the same gear that you guys use. I feel that we also uses more HPA then you, there is this big hype back here that you cant use anything other then HPA. Yes its good, CO2 works fine too in moust mec/low end guns.

When talking about hype, its all about electro guns and 100bps. Lots of people playing speedball, but lately the scenario guys are coming along.

My big dream is to take with me a couple of guns and fly to you guys and play with you on big scenarios and other games. The biggest scenario that been made here was 160 people.

Its pretty much the same as US, just in a smaller scale...
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Well, up here in the great white north, it is alot like the US from what i have seen.

alot more private games due to lack of fields, and a heckuva lot more bush ball, namely because we have alot more bush to play in up here

tech and markers tend to be the same though

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Dont forget Ghost Pilot on MCB, hailing from Sweden, land of chocolate and death metal....
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Death metal rules!!

check this one out!

Support your local fields. The game you save may be your own.

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I spent a few hours checking out all the overseas fields on PBReview once and was amazed at the number and locations of fields out there. There are even fields in Kuwait and Iran, most of the places have websites and are pretty neat to check out and see all our brothers in arms and what they use and wear.
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I'm from Ontario Canada and there is a good mix of everything paintball related here. The speedball scene seems to be well balanced with the woods/scenario games so there's something for everybody. Paintball around here is alot like in the States just not as big considering this is a smaller country.

I did get a chance to play two games this past January near Brisbane and Sydney Australia. Paintball is illegal in 1 out of 2 Territories and 1 out of 6 States, and there was a time when semis were illegal so you could only play with pump guns.
When I was there talking to players and from reading the major Australian paintball forum it seems if you play paintball in Australia, you're either a social player (what they call renters) or you're a speedballer. The woods/scenario/recballer scene is small but interest is growing. It's also expensive since most stuff has to be imported into the country.
BTW did I mention paintball guns are considered firearms and that you need a license to buy or posess one? Also all guns must be at least 75cm long (30"). or else they fall into the same class as pistol firearms.

I'd love to go to some other countries and play some more paintball.
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