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where we are it is pretty damn cold and the markers i find that have the least amount of problems are Tippmanns, Ions and SLGs. Both the Ion and the SLG will benefit from using a lighter grease (Hater Sauce or TechT Gun Sav) during the winter (less FSDO). I would like to see how Dye's new super gun (NT 10) will do because it is an unbalanced spool valve and those seem to do better during the winter.
Anything else you have to mess with alot to get working decently.

you could also use a pump, don't have to work about re-cocking problems And most can stand the cold fairly well
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Eventually if it gets cold enough the paint stops working even if it is that cold weather stuff.

Phantoms and other guns that run off 12ies seem to work fine until the paint mists out. Vectors and siphon tank'ed VMs aren't bad. (Make sure the bulk fill tank is not considerably colder than your CO2 tanks, otherwise it just doesn't really work...)
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I've played down to probably 10 degrees fahrenheit and never had an issue with a gun, from my Ion/SP8 to the Tippy's... Well, actually, running the T8 off of 12 grams in lower temps was a bitch, so I wouldn't recommend that, but anything else, running HPA at least, never gave me issues. Paint, well thats a different story. And I've honestly had more issues with paint breakage from supposed "cold weather paint" than running regular ol' Marbs or Combat .68 in similar conditions.
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ICE Epic, I don't remember guns details but it had no bolt so it should handle cold weather. I used Angel LED in 25 degrees with snow without a problem, my cocker on other hand could not handle it, 3 way orings shrunk and leaked bad.
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SFT shocker.

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Last time I played in really cold weather the only thing anyone had that wasn't breaking/chopping horribly was my Viking with an Egg and massive .695 barrel back.
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Originally Posted by Listessa View Post
siphon tank'ed VMs aren't bad.)

^ gets my vote
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68 classic on HP tank?
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Originally Posted by View Post
SFT shocker.

Honestly, I live where Ego Possum lives, our winter tops out around -40F/C (That's where the scales meet, don't go out in it).

I'll play as low as -20C which is only about -4F. My shocker with a lighter grease and that metal solenoid gasket that New Designz made worked awesome in the winter. The gasket was definately needed though not sure why but the gun just wouldn't cycle fast and consistent without it. Get some nice gloves too, they get COLD =)

As for a pump, I've used my S6 this last winter and I've found two things that need to be done. The grease they use in the regulator does not like the cold here. I've had to totally clean and re-lube the reg. Also the little black bumper on the back of the cocking rod tends to stick to the backblock screwing your velocity up royal. On my converted cocker I used loctite to hold it in place and on my S6 I just switched the bumper with a different one (Came off one of those cheap lightning cockers). After that, she runs like a pro.

Ego, I have an 07, forget it in the winter.
Traccer worked good, as one would expect.
Angel Speed, see ego =P
Mini, grease issues stopped it cold.. sorry for the joke hehe

There's lots of other great markers that work in the low temps no matter what you play but if your winter is like mine, some of them require a bit of tuning.

I can't say I've ever used CO2 here when the temps fall that low though, always compressed air. I've just never wanted to try it.
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Originally Posted by Born4Evil View Post
I'm with Hobbes, I own 3 pro lites. They LOVE liquid co2, and thrive in the NE fall/winter months.
Montneels love it more, and get better efficieny off of it. I love prolites, but in the sub zero''s nothing beats montneel.

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