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30 minute game, if I am alive whole time, 400-700 with electro or mech, 100-200 with pump.
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I haven't played enough pump to know how much I'd use then, but I've never used a pod before. Wait, no, once, on a long A&D at the end of the day, I used a hopper and 2 100 pods. Other than that, I was so trained on my 2 years of outlaw paintball with buddies to play hopper ball. We didn't know about pods, all we knew was paint was expensive.

In about an 8 hour day of speedball, assuming games are about 5-10 minutes, with the same number of minutes of break in between, 1,000. Woods probably 500-800 with 40 minute games. Both with either mech or electro.

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rec play with my SC phantom Ill use less than 500.
With a hopper closer to 700

Mech gun- around a case
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rec play w/ sniper : 250-400 average per day
2 day scenario w/ sniper : 800ish for the event
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Recently I've been going out with a hopper and two pods, about 200 shots a round, with my phantom. With semis I'd take at most four pods, or about 350 shots a round, along with what's in my hopper. All day I'd probably use 3 bags to a case regardless of what gun I use, although I am working to cut back.

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all depends on what FPC group plays for the day. i get one bag that it. and have time have about 200 rounds or less left over.
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I play every monday at ACTION500 in Montréal,Qc and usually go through a full loader and a pod every game. It's a recball field and games last somewhere between 2 to 10 minutes. It may sound like a lot of ammo spent but I play with a VSC phantom and a pocketfull of 10 round tubes...
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Rec ball-usually around 500
Speed ball-500 to 1000(I haven't used a semi in speedball in over a year)
Speedball tourney-1000(use a pump in open class tourneys as well)
Scenario-500 to 1000. for a really long game 2000 if I just fire fight constantly but it is really really rare.
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Rec ball i'll go through about 200-300 in a four hour session. The fields are more set up like speedball fields, and i play modified stock against all types.
Scenario games i'll buy half a case and usually go home with nearly a full bag.
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Rec ball Pump: Bag
Rec Ball Semi: case or 2 (I go balls out with electros)

Tournament Play Pump: 3 bags to a case and a half (ccm stuff eats paint)

Scenario FPO: A case
Scenario BYOP: 5-6 cases (sponsorship paint is cheap)

Woodsball: none. I always die right away
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