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post deleting ghost attak
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: westchester NY

30 minute game- 200-700 rounds
2 day scenario- 4-6 cases
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Normal rec day - 1,000
Aggressive rec day (moving) - 750
Aggressive rec day (shooting) - 2,000

Practice - 1-6 cases (depends on how much paint I have at the time)
3man tourney - 1 case
5 man tourney (traditional rules) - 1.5 cases
5 man tourney (x-ball style rules) - 1-3 cases
X-ball tourney - 3-6 cases
7 man tourney - ~5 cases

Big games - 1 case
Scenarios (1 day) - 1 case or less
Scenarios (2 days) - I try for 1 case or less still. (this past I.O.N. I used 750 for 3 days)
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OC I might shoot 550-650
SC I shoot about 300-400
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i played off of a case at D DAY. that was the whole week playing every mini game and night speedball. and the day of D day.

i average 10-30 in a normal recgame at my field.
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Bigger Balls
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Location: Leominster, MA

1bag/day, usually with plenty extra (usually 40-50% left over, which I use the next time out)

Anyone that claims to have acquired more than 250 eliminations in a day has failed at math or didn't have time to tell you this in a complete sentence.
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Location: Vancouver, BC

I limit myself to 30 in a 15 minute game, so I'd assume a 30 min would be a little slower. I could probably get by with 50.
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I'm like BlueFish.

I use 100-200 a day across 10-12 games regardless of what gun I use.

I played all of OK D-Day a few years ago on 350 balls.

I play 1-day scenarios and use 250-300 if I'm really hosing. At Blackhawk Down last spring I helped lead an assault of Pegasus Bridge, we took it over and held it to the end of the round and I only pulled the trigger three times in the entire hour and a half.

I prefer to move around and pick my shots. In scenario ball, I'm the guy who either sneaks around and only appears on a flank occasionally, or I'm the crazy guy yelling and coordinating -neither of which leave me much time for shooting.

I find that I can accomplish more being the good communicator and mover on the team than I can being a gunfighter. Besides, I don't bend well enough anymore to be the guy in the front crawling, jumping, and running in a gun fight.

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Location: Salem OR

If I'm conservative, I can use around 1500 in 45 minutes to an hour. If I'm in a firefight trying to reclaim ground and inspire my team to move up in the final seconds, 1,000 rounds a minute.
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big game, case or two a day.

I never stay in for 30 minutes, though, I'm up front screaming and charging too often.
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