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How many Paintballs does it take to play?

When your out in a field "rec-balling" how many balls do you go through? Assume you are in the field for minimum of 30 minute per games.

When you are at a scenario game. How many ball do you use from beginning to end?

For those of you who have experience woodsball/scenario leagues, how many balls do you use?

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Rec ball. Anywhere from 500 to 1500
Speed ball. 1-2 cases
Speedball tourney. 5+ cases
Scenario 1-2 cases. Although I have been doing more commanding and less playing so that is less paint.
woodsball/scenario leagues will be on par with speedball leagues. 3-5 cases.
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Rec with a pump: 500 or less
Rec with my mini I don't own anymore or A-5 : 1000-1200
Scenario: Will either buy a bag or two, if I run out or don't feel like shooting two bags I go out to command people/lead charges/act like an idiot etc.
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In a 30 minute woods game I usually go through about 0 to 50. There have been times I've gone through entire hoppers before, but that is unusual.
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Rec/woods 30 min game = Hopper and maybe a pod

24 hour Scenario = Case usally bring some home

Speedball = depends on how many people - 3 man = hopper +1
5 man = hopper + 2-3
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Fan of EMR
500 to 1000 rounds depending on the day.

I've gone through a case when I'm playing against the regulars, but in sheer rec play, the 500 to 1000 seems right.
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5 hours at my local field- 150 maybe

I didn't even shoot an entire bag over both days at TWC.
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I play rec-woodsball almost exclusively and usually only make it once/month.
I average around 1000-1200 for a day.

If I manage to make it to some special event outing, I might come close to a full case.
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RecPlay - maybe a hopper & a pod (maybe two pods, if I get into a lot of one-on-one situations.

Scenario - case to a case & a half, though with my pump, it'll probably be one case only (with some left over).

I am still trying to find the ideal amount of paint to bring on the field with me. I love my vest, but with my pump, I no longer need five pods & a hopper. I'm considering reworking things, maybe remove the two podpacks from the front of the vest & replace them with something else - keeping the three pods on the back.

Maybe a larger pack for rags (or grenades, for scenarios).
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If I am using one of my semi markers: 400 or so rounds.

If I am using an automatic: 1500 rounds.

If I am using a pump: 200 - 300 rounds.
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