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Originally Posted by Levon12345 View Post
Then I used a nightmare for a while. If you ever want to get shot reloading paint, shoot a nightmare with it's stupid threaded plug. I did more barrel tags with that thing than I shot people.
Really? Couldn't you just grind a few of the threads down? I've always wanted a Nightmare, or anything with a crosman stock, but I've never had the money when they come up. Props for going from electro to stock class. I've gone mech->electro->mech->pump->stock.

The Inflicted: I've had my phantom for a while, it's the stock class part that's new.

Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
Look at it this way, at least you had pants on when your mom walked in.


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One of my most memorable SC moments was on a pretty standard walk on day at a smaller field near me a few years back. It was about 20 on 20. I had been running my SC Phantom for just over a month and was starting to get used to it. I just picked up a joyride pack from pbmafia so all of my ten rounds were easily accessable. There were lots of rentals and the regulars were pretty much set in their ways so, half way through the day I knew what everyone was doing and I planned accordingly.

The field in question was wooded on the lower half and built up on the upper part of the field, with two towers and a bunch of tires mid field. Teams started on at smaller towers on opposite sides of the built up area. The field had lots of low and THICK low ferns on the border of the wooded area so as soon as the whistle blew I sprinted left and low into the ferns. I ducked and belly crawled after running as far as I dared and ended up popping my head up near the start point of the opposing team. Like a lot of younger rentals do, there were a bunch of stragglers in the back. I saw one player in a small building just to my side of the opposing tower and hit her right in the shoulder with a single shot (one of the guys decided to bring his girlfriend and that was her first hit of the day). I moved up quietly to the building and surrendered three youngins who were actually arguing about where she got hit from. I knew I couldn't get to the tower without being noticed so I took cover in the building for a few seconds and popped out to find that still no one knew I was there. I took advantage and one balled two players that were facing towards the rest of my team. Moving up I did the standard "You in the tower! surrender!" move. little do I know there are two kids in the bottom section and another 4 in the top. they all walked out with their guns up (I was actually really shocked, I thought there was maybe one or two people in there). I took cover in the lower part of the tower and by this point what was left of the other team knew what was up. My team had made it to mid field by now and we were clearly winning. I ended up shooting out one more person and had an older player run around the corner I was snapping from only to put a ball in my wrist and leg (not before I popped one in the top of his X7 hopper). We both walked out laughing and the whistle blew maybe 10 seconds before we got to the tapeline

I still show people the Tonnie sized (Canadian currency yo) scar when I tell the story
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If I were you I'd ease into a little more..
Perhaps run around with your open class and a 50 round hopper and nothing else...learn to count your shots and conserve and choose your shots while you have the option of shooting fast just incase you're about to be lit up...

then, when you're comfortable there, grab the stock class...and really count your shots! especially in an open game!
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I tried stock class but I couldn't aim down the thing worth a crap. The 10 rounds don't bother me, it's just that extra tube on top

So I stick to reg pumping
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I went from electro directly to modified stock. I started out with an ammo box fed semi so it wasn't that hard to regress. My 'kill' count dropped dramatically of course. Which is ok because I switched due to the realization that more kills does not always equal more fun.
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Can't really remember the first time i played stock class, as i was always taken out almost right away.

What i DO remember however, is the first time i took someout out with a stock class gun.

So i am running with my friends SC Phantom, and run up a small hill with another player. A player from the opposing team is in a rather big bunker ahead of us. We only have the hill itself to hide behind. As the other guy runs a bit back to continue up to a small fort, i stay behind to hold the guy in the bunkers attention. After a few shots back and forth, i manage to hit the other guy in the mask.

As he walks off, i stand up and say "I hit you? REALLY?! WOOOOH!".
And then I was shot by someone who moved up on us.
But it didn't really matter. That was, without a doubt, THE best "kill" i ever did.
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Look at it this way, at least you had pants on when your mom walked in.

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my first time playing stock class was on a field with all high end electros... I wasnt even going to play and they said they needed an extra body, I was just walking off and figured, "what the hell, im here to have fun"
I jumped in the game and was told "stay low and get to the center 50"
So, the game starts, I shoot 1 ball and make it to the center 50 off break, I saw a guy dive into snake and post up on S1 knowing that he is going to pop up there first.
He sets himself up (which I saw due to the angle I had) and as he starts coming up, I pull the trigger, paint splat right to the goggles. Rock and Cock and I wrap the bunker to aim at back right (snake corner) who wasnt in the game anymore (i didnt know this yet)

As i'm aiming at back right, I heard someone shooting from back center, but it had the distinct sound of shooting to the other side of my bunker and not towards me (which means he wasnt looking/aiming out of my side of his bunker) So I post up on him and as he backs off to switch sides, he gets banged in the arm with a shot of mine.

By now, I felt invincible and decided to run thru the field and slide into back center, but facing Dorito side. As I take off, I got lit up by the remaining 2 guys.

After the game ended and we all walked off the field, a few people asked to see my custom M98 stock class pump (true pump, open bolt) and while im showing it off, one of the kids said "did anyone see billy get into snake?" I said, "I did, which is why I shot him"

Billy that night = Billy Bernaccia, of the New England Hurricanes. Pro player, who was at the field that night (at the time, I didnt follow pro paintball and didnt really know who people were... I just played to be better than everyone I went against and have fun doing it)
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I can't wait to hear how your first day went! I went from playing with a fusion to a nelspot 007. It doesn't get more stock class, old school than that. I felt naked, and like I was missing something. I had two great one shot one kill moments.... then I got shot because I was laying on the side of a bank with my gun tipped up... yeah the balls have to roll forward in the nelspot! Terribly terribly embarrasing, but I have never felt so alive. I have been playing stock class ever since.
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I remember one of my first days playing with a Nelspot, against a lot of E-Gripped Tippmanns.

One guy looked at my gun and said "Wow... You're f**ked."

I made sure he left the field quickly
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Originally Posted by El Pato Diablo
Kinda scary how someone in a bright red hawaiian shirt can sneak up behind you like that, huh.
Originally Posted by MCB CHAT
[20:54:32] <Walking_Target> Kinda awesome, you walk in and there's the giant black dildo right in front of the register
[20:54:33] <thisissparta> it's AWESOME.
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